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a child who has been abandoned and whose parents are unknown

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And these were friendly unto those, and they joined their loving labors together, and together they built a fair great foundling asylum midway of the valley between.
This pretended foundling is a real monster of abomination," resumed Jehanne.
exclaimed Agnes; "those poor nurses yonder in the foundling asylum, which forms the lower end of the lane as you go to the river, just beside Monseigneur the bishop
So one day, five or six years ago now, when we took Pet to church at the Foundling--you have heard of the Foundling Hospital in London?
You said just now that you were a foundling," said Fairholme.
From the Consistory, from the Senate, from the University, from the Foundling Hospital, the Suffragan has sent.
His confederate and chief lieutenant, Paulvitch, true to the long years of teaching of his wily master, had at last succumbed to the treachery and greed that had always marked his superior, and, lured by the thoughts of the immense ransom that he might win by returning the child unharmed, had divulged the secret of its parentage to the woman who maintained the foundling asylum.
And I'm oppressed and humiliated that they won't engage me at the Foundling," the old prince said again, to the huge delight of Turovtsin, who in his mirth dropped his asparagus with the thick end in the sauce.
This Boot was a lone house of public entertainment, situated in the fields at the back of the Foundling Hospital; a very solitary spot at that period, and quite deserted after dark.
It would be tedious if given in the beadle's words: occupying, as it did, some twenty minutes in the telling; but the sum and substance of it was, that Oliver was a foundling, born of low and vicious parents.
Foundlings and children who are victims of abuse, abandonment, neglect, cruelty and discrimination will be given priority for immediate birth registration under the proposed Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP) Birth Registration Act.
Senator Grace Poe should push for the rights of abandoned children and foundlings.
The resolution also defined social services beneficiary to include senior citizens, people with special needs, victims of domestic violence, juveniles, delinquents, underprivileged and foundlings.
Tom, who left at 15, was one of its very last foundlings.
Then a coach came to the village and gathered up all the five–year–old foundlings who had been fostered out as babies to families living in villages near the school.