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a hospital where foundlings (infant children of unknown parents) are taken in and cared for


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I wanted to curate a show with lots of artists because that's what Hogarth did when he was a patron of the Foundling Hospital --he invited many of his fellow artists to exhibit there and it brought in crowds of people.
The principle historical records concerning the women, children, and staff at the hospital have been provided by the Foundling Hospital Archives and the London Metropolitan Archives.
Directed by acclaimed theatre maker Sally Cookson, Phoebe Thomas reprises the leading role for the touring production, which sees Hetty escape from the Foundling Hospital and the terrifying Matron Stinking Bottomly, and encounter a world of adventure including Tanglefields Travelling Circus and the scary streets of Victorian London in her quest to find her real mother and a true family of her own.
Stephanie Chapman's essay on the absent mothers in photographs from the Foundling Hospital similarly offers an historical vantage point--and a lovely meditation on absence--but the connection to the contemporary works becomes much clearer in the immediately following images by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, who works with historical photographs of mothers, and by Ann Fessler, whose narrative pieces address adoption and separation.
WHEN WORD GOT OUT to polite society that Jean-Jacques Rousseau had, starting in the late 1740s, placed the infants born to his mistress Therese Levasseur with the Paris Foundling Hospital, the philosophe and inventor of modern childhood supposed he'd better explain himself.
He serves on the boards of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York Public Library, the New York Foundling Hospital and, The Vincent J.
Twelve-year-old Rory and her little sister, Violet are, at least, living together in the Catholic Foundling Hospital in New York City.
as supervisor of Health Care Homes at New York Foundling Hospital, Bronx, N.
Turning the Stones is the story of Em Smith, brought to the Cheshire countryside by Mrs Waterland, from, Em is told, the Foundling hospital.
Tom was one of around 600 boys who lived in residential care at the Foundling Hospital school in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, during the late 1940s and 50s.
But when Tom MacKenzie finally met the mother who had given him over to the Foundling Hospital, he never felt even a second of anger against her.
Jacqueline Wilson's historical series now sees her heroine emerging from The Foundling Hospital and out into the wide world.
Besides the Dublin Workhouse, established in 1703 which became a Foundling Hospital in 1729, institutions catering for the poor were established at Cork, Belfast, Lisburn and Coleraine prior to 1772.
com)-- New York Foundling Hospital puts patients first, and part of making sure its patients are able to get the best care is to prioritize patient and staff safety.
Steeven's Hospital and the Foundling Hospital in that city and also in Edinburgh, qualifying with his Edinburgh MD in 1796.