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Synonyms for founder

Synonyms for founder

to go beneath the surface or to the bottom of a liquid

Synonyms for founder

inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse

a person who founds or establishes some institution

a worker who makes metal castings

fail utterly

sink below the surface

stumble and nearly fall

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MAGNiTT analysed the backgrounds of the founders of MENA's most successful startups, ranked by total disclosed funding.
This year, 29 students from 11 area high schools received renewable four-year scholarships from the Founders Fund.
Using a proprietary dataset including information on 1,476 founders in 511 private ventures, they find a surprisingly high incidence of equal splitting.
Securing high profile investors is yet another coup for the boys who secured an initial investment from Stephen Pankhurst - the founder of Friends Reunited - which helped get the business off the ground.
He now serves as chairman emeritus and founder of Titan Group and founder of Westlake Chemical.
The Blu-ray Disc Founders group includes 13 leading consumer electronics, PC and media companies, which will give the format a strong worldwide market presence.
As far as a preferred "epitaph," Andy Berliner, one of the founders of Amy's, asked for "Loving husband and father, and good boss.
Opponents of any and all contact between government and religion regularly trot out the argument that the founders vehemently opposed any governmental support for religion.
Perhaps more important, are founders realistic about their abilities?
PHILADELPHIA -- Perceptual Networks, a technology company in Philadelphia, today announced that it has received funding from First Round Capital and a "who's who" of Internet entrepreneurs and angel investors, including founders of YouTube, PayPal, Rackspace, Bebo, Demand Media and others.
Basketball-star-turned-entrepreneur Earvin "Magic" Johnson joined with recording artist Janet Jackson and music industry executive Jheryl Busby to acquire majority common stock in Founders National Bank of Los Angeles for nearly $2.
Notably, the young founders are missing from the ranks of top officers.
10h30 - Opening remarks Geraldine & Looc Le Meur, LeWeb Founders
Dean Butler, one of the founders of Cincinnati-based LensCrafters and now head of start-up Vision Express in Nottingham, U.
Founders should be prepared for both the positive and negative impacts of new blood in the organization.