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Synonyms for founder

Synonyms for founder

to go beneath the surface or to the bottom of a liquid

Synonyms for founder

inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse

a person who founds or establishes some institution

a worker who makes metal castings

fail utterly

sink below the surface

stumble and nearly fall

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Yet, as the original founder of the Roman State is said once to have lifted upon his shoulders the fame and fortunes of all his posterity, so let us never forget that the glory and greatness of all our descendants is in our hands.
For all which I shall not look on myself as accountable to any court of critical jurisdiction whatever: for as I am, in reality, the founder of a new province of writing, so I am at liberty to make what laws I please therein.
And with all this, Stepan Arkadyevitch, who liked a joke, was fond of puzzling a plain man by saying that if he prided himself on his origin, he ought not to stop at Rurik and disown the first founder of his family--the monkey.
Towards evening the mate and boatswain begged the master of our ship to let them cut away the fore-mast, which he was very unwilling to do; but the boatswain protesting to him that if he did not the ship would founder, he consented; and when they had cut away the fore-mast, the main-mast stood so loose, and shook the ship so much, they were obliged to cut that away also, and make a clear deck.
It was my advantage in one respect, that I did not know what they meant by FOUNDER till I inquired.
Over 50 founders and CEOs attended this invitation-only leadership and networking event targeted for 'scale up' ready, founder-owned businesses and designed to foster relationships between founders, investors, lenders and partners in wealth management and law.
com)-- Local students were honored at a scholarship awards reception given by the Founders Fund, Inc.
Founders Pete Ward, 28, and pal Jerome Touze, 27, launched www.
The Blu-ray Disc Founders approved the BD-ROM physical specification within the general timeframe originally outlined in the BD-ROM development roadmap.
Thank you to Natural Foods Merchandiser, the major trade industry magazine, which selected us as one of 25 influential pioneers, along with the founders of Ben and Jerry's, Celestial Seasonings, Amy's, White Wave, and others.
WHILE I have reservations about President Bush's faith-based initiative, none of them stems from concerns about its constitutionality or its conformity to the wishes of America's founders.
Bob Tedeschi of the New York Times' "E-Commerce Report" moderated a discussion of this dilemma with four dot-com founders who have confronted their demons and found solutions: David Ellington, founder and chief executive of NetNoir; Harris Fricker, co-founder, president and chief executive of Whatifi.
PHILADELPHIA -- Perceptual Networks, a technology company in Philadelphia, today announced that it has received funding from First Round Capital and a "who's who" of Internet entrepreneurs and angel investors, including founders of YouTube, PayPal, Rackspace, Bebo, Demand Media and others.
14, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Future Founders Foundation, a non-profit organization that inspires youth in Chicagoland to explore and practice entrepreneurship, today announced the top 12 college students who were selected to participate in the inaugural Founders Fellowship, a part of its College Founders (www.
Basketball-star-turned-entrepreneur Earvin "Magic" Johnson joined with recording artist Janet Jackson and music industry executive Jheryl Busby to acquire majority common stock in Founders National Bank of Los Angeles for nearly $2.