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Synonyms for founded

founded on


  • based on
  • built on
  • rooted in
  • grounded on
  • established on
References in classic literature ?
This was the occasion when all the society of Raveloe and Tarley, whether old acquaintances separated by long rutty distances, or cooled acquaintances separated by misunderstandings concerning runaway calves, or acquaintances founded on intermittent condescension, counted on meeting and on comporting themselves with mutual appropriateness.
And here let those Who boast in mortal things, and wondring tell Of BABEL, and the works of MEMPHIAN Kings, Learn how thir greatest Monuments of Fame, And Strength and Art are easily outdone By Spirits reprobate, and in an hour What in an age they with incessant toyle And hands innumerable scarce perform Nigh on the Plain in many cells prepar'd, That underneath had veins of liquid fire Sluc'd from the Lake, a second multitude With wondrous Art founded the massie Ore, Severing each kinde, and scum'd the Bullion dross: A third as soon had form'd within the ground A various mould, and from the boyling cells By strange conveyance fill'd each hollow nook, As in an Organ from one blast of wind To many a row of Pipes the sound-board breaths.
The university was founded in 1958 and until 1972 was called San Fernando Valley State College.
The firm, founded in 1980 by brothers Art and Bill Weber, has 20 presses of 22 to 165 tons in plants in South Bound Brook and nearby Middlesex, N.
The [Detroit] Guild founded as a `backyard literary club' to promote interest in reading African-American literature, exploring creative writing through guided study, and to work with Detroit public schools to insure more African-American literary selections would be included on its official library reading lists," insists Karen Williams, who serves on the board of directors for the Detroit Writers Guild, formerly known as the Detroit Black Writers Guild.
The first modern-era news letter was the Whaley-Eaton Report, founded in 1918, just five years before Willard M.
This book, launched by Madonna House to celebrate the Jubilee, proclaims Mary's love for Canada, and the Marian spirituality of those who founded the Church, built Catholic institutions and evangelized the people during the last three hundred years.
Founded in 1990, a branch of the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, N.
Founded 1985 R: 20%; C: 80% Salary range: $50K-$150K Specialties: electrical, mechanical and quality engineering.
Thor Heyerdahl took his 1947 voyage on the balsa raft Kon-Tiki to show that South American Indians could have founded the Polynesian cultures.
Founded in 2003 and voted one of the "Best City Blogs" by Forbes, Gapers Block invites you to slow down and check out all the cool things in the city.
The university was founded in 1958, and until 1972 was called San Fernando Valley State College.
Founded in 1977, the member-based nonprofit serves more than 500 organizations in all sectors of business, education and government.
Founded in 1985 by childhood friends Barry Prevor and Steve Shore, Steve & Barry's has grown to over 180 stores in 33 states across the country, and is the fastest growing apparel retailer in the United States on a square footage basis.
Until they determine a cause, I don't know how DEP can conclude there's no epidemic,'' said Patti Thompson, a marine mammal biologist with the Save the Manatee Club, a private group founded in 1981.
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