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Synonyms for foundational

arising from or going to the root or source

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The book will appeal to a wide array of moral theologians and philosophers interested not only in the possibility of a foundational morality grounded in natural law, but also in questions of human rights, interreligious dialogue, moral rhetoric, and sacramental life in broadly pluralistic societies.
Foundational skill assessment--using ACT's WorkKeys system--became a requirement for entering and remaining in the program.
In reading Cooper and Browning's discussion of foundational truth and the comments of Shults (2003) and van Huysteen (1998), I found myself wondering along with Cooper and Browning if in many cases religion was being "forced" to fit into psychology's "hyper-empirical, naturalistic paradigm".
Then there is the question of evolving a foundational framework in which the discourse can take place; in other words, before any discussion can take place, representatives of the three faith traditions need to agree on the parameters of discourse: what are the faith positions regarding the physical world?
DoD is in the midst of the most fundamental transformation of logistics capability ever attempted, and RFID is a foundational element.
graduate-level) knowledge rather than for acquisition of foundational knowledge (at the undergraduate-level).
A foundational approach to the nature of information, however, has not been realized, either in partial or accomplished steps, nor even as an agreed, theoretical research objective.
Under the agreement, an AICPA member who passes the ABV exam will receive equivalent credit for passing all four of the ASA's foundational courses in business valuation.
Even though education's great up here, I've ran into the same foundational problems all hinging around communication in the district offices,'' he said.
This volume takes a developmental perspective across the life course, describing foundational strengths for well-being--the capacities that can be actively developed, supported, or learned.
Derrida challenges the possibility of an authentic foundational philosophy even as he accepts the utility of coherent but transitional framings for human interpretation.
Indeed, the combination of works under review suggests the analogy drawn from feminist studies of "first-wave," "second-wave," and "third-wave," with the collection Shakespeare and Race documenting the foundational archival and historiographical efforts of the mid- to late-twentieth century, "The Tempest" and Its Travels signaling the newer historical emphasis on the resonance between colonial and postcolonial concerns, and Shakespeare Jungle Fever inaugurating a new cultural philology at the intersection of race, gender, and queer studies.
But it is well organized, dividing its lessons into three main headings -- foundational skills, leadership direction skills and leadership influence skills -- and easy to digest.
Constitution, can be said to give the lie to the foundational document of the American Republic.
The status thus accorded the readymade marks a third foundational assumption.
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