foundation garment

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a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body

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Girls who never before wore a foundation garment came in to buy some type of fashion-forming garment and c ollege girls stocked up generously for the season's needs.
YOU need a good foundation garment to hold you in and hike you up.
is engaged in the foundation garment business which consists of the design, manufacturers and sale of brassieres, panties and girdles.
NCC is engaged in the foundation garment business which consists of the design, manufacture and sale of brassieres, panties and bodywear to department, specialty, discount and chain stores throughout the United States.
Maidenform is also engaged in the foundation garment business, selling to department, discount, chain and specialty stores in 58 countries.
Girdles, Corsets and Other Foundation Garments II-46
NEW YORK -- From a 1770 corset to a 2014 bra-and-panty set in lacy stretch silk, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology has put the focus on lingerie and ladies foundation garments in a new exhibition.
Considering the foundation garments for Mokka are from the Corsa's bottom draw, this is quite an achievement.
Top mother of the bride fashion tips from Sarah-Jane Evans | Always start with foundation garments - nothing will look right if you're wearing the wrong bra underneath | I recommend wearing body shaper tights as opposed to tights and separate shapewear but be sure to buy them in a size too big so they pull right up under your bust | Look at your dimensions and dress them accordingly, for example, are you short or long waisted?
And always there is a discreet display of foundation garments in one of their windows.
They act as foundation garments and give brides confidence and a really great shape.
She focuses on day dresses and suits, accessories, and foundation garments, and addresses aspects of production, marketing, and consumption.
If they're D-cups, the more the merrier," he volunteers, in a manner which suggests a keen appreciation of foundation garments.
I went around and interviewed the donors to find out what they wore with the dresses, down to the foundation garments and the hairstyles and then once a month got my hair cut and was photographed wearing the dresses.
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