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Synonyms for foully

in an unfair and insulting manner


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Tomorrow our great Russian allies will also be celebrating victory and after that we must begin the task of rebuilding our health and homes, doing our utmost to make this country a land in which all have a chance, in which all have a duty, and we must turn ourselves to fulfil our duty to our own countrymen, and to our gallant allies of the United States who were so foully and treacherously attacked by Japan.
What he does not mean is that the Absolute Spirit is here executed, foully murdered by a contingent of cruel Roman soldiers, such that the course God takes in and through time is here stopped in its tracks and the idea of God sketched in the Logic is scratched out.
During the night of the 29th a child was foully murdered at Road, near Frome in Somersetshire, under circumstances of the most mysterious character," the paper said.
Why in addition he should in advance have the whole evidence against him to pick over at his leisure, and make his defense, fairly or foully, I have never beers able to see.
Attempts to categorize this assault on constitutional free speech should be recognized, and opposed, in the courts of justice and of public opinion, for what they are rather than for the champions of free farming that their proponents claim most foully.
28) 'If a painter wishes to join the neck of a horse with a human head, and to place various feathers over them, with limbs assembled here and there, such that a shapely woman from above ends foully in a hideous fish, might you, my friends, restrain your laughter, once invited to a viewing'.
The broadsheets the next day bore headlines to rival our own tabloids: CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE MURDERED FATAL STABBING IN DEPTFORD And more soberly - Our greatest poet foully done to death There was a hurried inquest that day but no official ceremony.
Thou hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all As the weird women promised; and I fear Thou played'st most foully for't.
You foully abused him on the basis that he was of Pakistani origin.