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a light plain-weave or twill-weave silk or silklike fabric (usually with a printed design)

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Contrary to the foulard application, it is not necessary to subsequently remove surplus fluid using squeezing or knife-edge methods, as the exact fluid quantity to be applied can be determined in advance.
Les protestataires, dont certains portaient des foulards ou des masques de chirurgien sur le visage, ont scande des slogans appelant a "l'unite contre le fascisme" et a la "demission du gouvernement", selon un journaliste de Reuters.
Barbara Bui, who also opened with black, joined the expedition with geometric American Indian prints and tribal-looking dresses and foulards.
From Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter de luxe to ready-made ties, foulards or scarves--there is something to suit every pocket.
Roberto Cavalli's men walked out of the '70s with ultra-fitted three-piece suits, silk shirts accessorised with foulards, necklaces and trousers flared at the bottom.
Tous les garcons aidaient : ils apportaient des perles, des foulards, des serviettes, des bandes de tous les couleurs.
After all, if they could not wear their foulards, then why should nuns be allowed to wear their veils in school?
The girls' crime was to wear foulards islamiques (Islamic headdress) to school.
Within the Sferra offerings is the Haberdashery Collection, which features silky Italian-spun Egyptian cotton sheeting in rich yarn-dyed herringbones and foulards in earthy tones.
I have enough dress shirts to wear a different one every day for four weeks and probably 200 neckties: solids, regimental stripes, paisleys, foulards and raffish woven wools.
at last lifted to the level of the epiphanic; and here was the shameful faggot body, at last transfigured and glorified, an assemblage of fantasy images, fetishistic detail: the soldier-short hair, the silk foulards, the pulsing maleness of an Adam's apple.
Monograms, floral bouquets, paisleys and foulards, anything imaginable is now doable in a grand way.
Idem pour les fabricants de tee-shirts, de drapeaux, foulards, chapeaux et autres accessoires en l'honneur des Verts, qui s'y sont mis tres tot pour ecouler leurs marchandises[beaucoup plus grand que], signale-t-il.
Je ne sais pas si, ici, il pourrait y avoir le psychodrame qu'ont represente des foulards, dans une ecole, et qui a ete jusqu'au parlement et au gouvernement .