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a light plain-weave or twill-weave silk or silklike fabric (usually with a printed design)

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Bowen, Why the French Don't Like Headscarves: Islam, the State, and Public Space 81 (2006); Nusrat Choudhury, From the Stasi Commission to the European Court of Human Rights: L 'affaire du Foulard and the Challenge of Protecting the Rights of Muslim Girls, 16 COLUM.
Cette interaction est particulierement importante chez les filles qui doivent choisir de porter ou non le foulard au risque de subir la discrimination de leur communaute d'accueil ou de leur propre communaute culturelle.
In the next stage, a solution of active carbon was made by using distilled water and the material was coated on the texture-free layer by using foulard.
Bien qu'aucune loi interne n'interdit le port du voile au Parlement, aucune deputee turque n'a ose se presenter jusqu'a present la tete voilee dans l'enceinte de la Grande Assemblee nationale (parlement) depuis que Merve Kavakci, une parlementaire du parti de la Vertu (islamiste) y avait ete expulsee en 1999 a cause de son foulard islamique.
Pinstripe long jacket, PS225; pinstripe trousers, PS145; Isla foulard, PS39; Olivia boots, PS275; all Toast (www.
It opens with cursory reference to well-known points of conflict (the Rushdie affair, l'affaire du foulard, the Danish cartoon caricatures) but telescopes out beyond the explanations commonly afforded by models based on political economy and identity politics.
Some of Versace's more subtle designs included a sleek black leather couch and matching arm chairs free of the Baroque flourishes, animal prints and royal foulard patterns that characterize most of the collections.
Get your own shoe fix by shopping at Museum shop for a silk foulard with a shoe print.
Hurley wore an orange knee length dress with a green dragon and gold printed foulard detail on it.
Periode Ete (de juin a aout) Hiver (premiere semaine de decembre) Costumes Femmes : Kaba Ngondo, Femmes : Kaba Ngondo, foulard foulard Hommes : pagne attache Hommes : pagne attache autour des reins, autour des reins, chemise a manches chemise a manches longues, chasse-mouche longues, chasse-mouche (facultatif) (facultatif), beaucoup d'attributs divers des notables et chefs superieurs Principaux plats : Principaux plats : poisson braise, missole poisson braise, missole (plantain frit), poulet (plantain frit), poulet braise, mbeatowc braise, mbeatowe (crevettes sautees), riz (crevettes sautees), riz sauce oignon, beignets sauce oignon, beignets de farine de ble de farine de ble, Ndole, miondo, etc.
the political mainstream is concentrated on l'affaire du foulard,
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23) Nusrat Choudhury 'From the Stasi Commission to the European Court of Human Rights: L'Affaire du Foulard and the Challenge of Protecting the Rights of Muslim Girls' (2007) 16 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 199, 218.
Des conflits surgissent a propos de mosquees, du << foulard >> islamique (France, Belgique et Canada), de l'enseignement musulman a l'ecole publique (Allemagne), de la formation des imams (Espagne, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni et Belgique), de << tribunaux islamiques >> (Canada et Royaume-Uni) et de mariages forces (Pays-Bas et Royaume-Uni).
Cotton yarns were coated with PVP of different molecular weights in aqueous solution with concentrations of 2, 5, and 10% with the aid of a Foulard coating machine (Mathis, model Foulard FVH) using a pressure of 1-2 bar between rollers.