foul-weather gear

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protective garment that is intended to keep the wearer dry and warm in bad weather

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If, on the other hand, you're more concerned with total comfort or involved in vigorous physical activities, such as all-day casting or poling, breathable foul-weather gear is certainly worth the investment.
At the bigger end of the scale are companies like Smethwick-based Future Garments, which has been around for 85 years and employs upwards of 100 people making specialist foul-weather gear, as well as a line of ladies' fashions.
In the early years of the war, the crews lacked proper winter clothing and foul-weather gear.
Below decks, the wet clothing and foul-weather gear, damp bedding and splayed paperbacks, bottles and dishes were swirling around like the seas outside.
It's calm at our put-in point north of Taos; the flotation devices and foul-weather gear hardly seem necessary.
Knowing that he had to quickly furl Nai'a's straining spinnaker, Reppy hesitated a few moments to don his foul-weather gear.
Sportsman's Marine Supply and Mama Bear's Loft: fishing tackle, camping supplies and foul-weather gear.
The Work-Flex rainwear joins Carhartt's traditional PVC rainwear and Waterproof Breathable foul-weather gear to provide a variety of options suited to any wet job site.
He attended 45 seasons of Eagles' football, always in his seat before kick-off, donning foul-weather gear to brave even the harshest of game day conditions.
Sportchief uses Storm-Seal waterproof membranes with quiet Thermo-Bond fleece shell in an extensive line of foul-weather gear.
Henri-Lloyd has pioneered the foul-weather gear market for more than 30 years supplying the world's top sailors, and now offers a distinctive range of marine-influenced fashion clothing for customers in over 30 countries.
The cost of the project, which Carter puts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, is being underwritten by Lands' End, the Wisconsin mail-order clothing company that got its start by selling foul-weather gear to recreational sailors.