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Board Chairman Michael Sligh, whose day job is with the South Carolina-based Rural Advancement Foundation, cites bureaucratic foul-ups and delays caused by the Bush-Clinton transition, plus a determined effort by the board to allow maximum public input.
Finally, delays may be caused by administrative foul-ups in reviewing and approving the appeal settlement.
Because it doesn't require a hard disk, NIC users are immune to costly configuration foul-ups and viruses.
They let Gloucester back in with a succession of foul-ups, soft tries and three yellow cards.
ANOTHER along the same lines came from Gerry Loughran, of Jesmond, who pointed out four foul-ups in just a few days' worth of papers.
The top 10 PR foul-ups of 1997 were recently released by Fineman Associates, a San Francisco public relations agency.
Wings for the A380 are made at Airbus' Broughton plant, near Chester, but the commercial roll-out of the double-decker jet has been plagued by a series of production foul-ups which have slowed the programme by more than two years and added billions of pounds to the company's costs.
The 32-year-old Cockney has featured in football hooligan films such as The Football Factory and has just released his own DVD, Danny Dyer's Football Foul-Ups.
Premium Service customers are covered by Imdaad for issues ranging from electrical and plumbing issues to garage door and swimming pool foul-ups.
Don't choose fixture foul-ups or stay-in-your-seat stadia.
Then along trundled the modular changing rooms but again there were foul-ups with their location and the matches with all the services were wrong.
Harry Hill narrates a seasonal special, featuring festive foul-ups from the archives.
The author said all aspects of the railroad's story are included in the book, from the personalities who ran the railroad to operational foul-ups and tragic accidents.
Okay, the GWB Singers do dedicate songs to the great man himself, but it's more to use the President's verbal foul-ups to humorous effect.
Send more examples of North-East foul-ups by the nationals to View From The Bridges, The Journal, Groat Market, Newcastle, NE1 1ED or e-mail howard.