foul line

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a line from which basketball players take penalty shots

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a line across a bowling alley that a bowler must not cross

lines through 1st and 3rd base indicating the boundaries of a baseball field

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5: Guard 2 stays on top of the three-point line, as 5 moves up to the high post on the foul line, guard 1 goes to the baseline, and wing 3 moves to the baseline to join 4 in a double-screen.
7 percent overall and was 25 of 35 from the foul line, 22-26 in the second half.
The right foul line is, 'Do not touch the Rainy Day Fund.
The taxi director positioned the aircraft on fighter row, a dangerous spot because it's so close to the foul line.
Our basic alignment is set up with an inbounder (#1), players on both blocks (#4 and #5), a player on the foul line (#3), and finally a player at the top of the key (#2).
During the fourth quarter the lead see-sawed constantly and with just over a minute left Calvin Davis hit two from the foul line to stretch Jets to a three-point lead at 77-74.
Technical fouls to Paternopstro and coach Steve Tucker, then enabled Nick Moore to close out the game from the foul line.
Former Naval Aviator Bill McCarthy, who witnessed the advent of the mirror landing system, remembered, "I can tell you that the mirror distracted you from the skillful placement of your aircraft in the most appropriate spot to expedite clearing the foul line.
The 8- and 9-year-olds may shoot from four feet in front of the regulation foul line, while the other age categories shoot from the regulation foul line.
The warning to not cross the foul line while aircraft were landing seemed obvious enough and easy to follow.
Even baby-boomers have no idea that the area from the foul line to the baseline was once called the keyhole.
Cressman took a hit that put her at the foul line, and she sank one of her shots to tie things up and send the game into overtime.
1, I noticed a P-25 firefighting vehicle was parked inside the foul line on the port side of our catapult.
Once Afflalo got the ball again, along the right wing, he drove left, stopped near the elbow of the foul line and hung in the air just long enough to lose defender Lodrick Stewart before releasing the shot.
When bringing the ball down in the middle, stop at the foul line to make a play.