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(baseball) a ball struck with the bat so that it does not stay between the lines (the foul lines) that define the width of the playing field

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For the average fan in the stands, the odds of catching a home run or foul ball at a baseball game are slightly better than one in 1,000, but that's not what makes people act so crazy when the opportunity to grab one arises.
assistant commissioner for public works and parks, said additional netting put up behind the backstop and along the first-base line has prevented about "95 percent" of the foul balls from hitting homes and parked cars along Ames Street.
During a Texas Rangers/Oakland Athletics game, Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton tossed a foul ball into the stands in the direction of 39-year-old firefighter Shannon Stone, who was reportedly intent on claiming the souvenir for his 6-year-old son.
Bob Hilliard, who represents season ticket holders who filed a lawsuit against the MLB association, the commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred, and the office of the commissioner, alleging failures to enact safety measures against the danger of foul ball and bat injuries responds:"It's a very poor and discouraging start.
After two swinging foul balls, Kennedy launched Santana's 0-2 hanging slider into the right-center field seats.
Ortiz isn't the Dodgers' right fielder, but he sits along the right-field line during games as one of three team batboys, charged with fielding foul balls down the line and retrieving the errant beach balls that land on the field.
But after 10 years, D'Errico says it is the details of the game that keep her interest piqued now, rather than chasing down foul balls for dad's team.
He struck out in the first inning, then popped up foul twice with the bases loaded in his second at-bat, only surviving to be hit by a pitch after both foul balls were dropped.
Tiffany Meyer made a few tough catches on foul balls in swirling winds and Sonia Iturralde did a good job filling the hole between shortstop and third base.
Given its purpose - to allow one the freedom of not bringing a glove to a game to shag foul balls - it's worth looking a little stupid.
Foul balls are extraneous to the universe by their definition.
The 1878 season featured midyear exhibition games, experimental rules, the elimination of strikeouts on foul balls and the decision after the season that nine balls would constitute a walk.
Fearing it would be the last game played before a potential strike, fans in Anaheim on Thursday night threw batted foul balls back on the field, nearly hitting players, and littered the field with debris.
As an odd form of protest, fans start throwing foul balls back on the field.
Pacevicz continues to stay indoors during ballgames, unless she's shagging foul balls in her flower bed.