foul ball

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(baseball) a ball struck with the bat so that it does not stay between the lines (the foul lines) that define the width of the playing field

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Our staff on-site observed two foul balls that cleared the net," Mr.
Good Hands in the Stands' is back and bigger than ever, which is why I'm thrilled to once again be at the College World Series with Allstate to not only reward all the great fans who are lucky enough to snag a foul ball, but also support the Omaha community and valuable youth sports programs like Boys Town," said Boone.
In honor of every foul ball that is caught or retrieved during opening weekend, Allstate will make a monetary donation to Omaha's Boys Town to support youth sports in Omaha.
O'Brien said the new netting still was not stopping all foul balls.
WORCESTER - The City Council last night asked the city administration to consider a moratorium on permits issued for the baseball field at Vernon Hill Park because foul balls during games at the field continue to damage automobiles and homes on adjacent Ames Street.
For young baseball players and their families, the game should be all about fun, the only fears to speak of being striking out, missing the catch or getting bonked in the head by a foul ball.
ANAHEIM - After Tampa Bay Devil Rays left fielder Carl Crawford caught a foul ball to end Sunday's game, the Angels came out of their dugout and accepted the warm congratulations from a near-capacity crowd at Angel Stadium.
Last year with Hudson Valley, he not only detailed on air how a foul ball zipped through his hands untouched, but he later interviewed the player who hit the foul ball for his reaction.
He started the game by fanning Elvis Andrus, then looked like he had Michael Young struck out, too - except that Young's swinging strike three was ruled a foul ball.
Injury update: New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza was held out of the lineup Thursday against Houston, one night after he took a foul ball off his left wrist.
He was hurt in a collision with teammate Adrian Beltre during a chase for a foul ball Sunday at Kansas City.
A foul ball slices up into the blue reserve level, right near the railing.
Ellsbury bruised his ribs in a collision with teammate Adrian Beltre while they chased a foul ball in Sunday's game at Kansas City.
Daily News photographer John Lazar became part of the story when a foul ball landed near him during a playoff game.