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helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

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Scarborough's Family, Cousin Henry, Ralph the Heir); as a whole, the results suggest that fosterage rather than testamentary adoption produces the best stewards for inherited property.
Sent off to a fosterage, she leaves on her path to the way of the warrior, and must make her own way to find her father, the high king, and make her mark for peace.
558), how fosterage nullifies gender segregation rules (p.
A Kuujjuarapik et a Umiujaq au Nunavik, mais egalement a South Indian Lake (Manitoba), et a la Baie James, ou nous avons etudie cette question, le mode coutumier de circulation (5) des enfants, l'adoption coutumiere ou le fosterage (6) existent de facon complementaire avec les pratiques institutionnelles, qui sont regies conformement aux dispositions de la loi provinciale.
that can be described in terms of its jural structure, its cultural identity assignments, and the sociocultural transformations that affect the distribution of each of these components in adoption and fosterage transaction' (Brady 1976: 7).
Patterns of child fosterage in rural northern Thailand.
Ashberry House, a noble lineage, fosterage by the Outram family--all these, like much else, were figments.