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helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

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I encountered the household of Mama Adelaide in Akropong during my fosterage survey in 2008.
Finalmente, la autora refiere a la postura de Lallemand (1993), quien sostiene que la circulacion infantil es multiforme en diversas sociedades, y que abarca un abanico de posibilidades desde la adopcion hasta el fosterage o el "gardiennage".
Scarborough's Family, Cousin Henry, Ralph the Heir); as a whole, the results suggest that fosterage rather than testamentary adoption produces the best stewards for inherited property.
y que tambien alcanza a las practicas de circulacion de ninos o fosterage, que, como analiza FONSECA, 1998 y 2002, forman parte de las dinamicas familiares de las clases populares brasilenas.
This despite the observation toward the end of the book that Islamist sensibilities and dispositions were gaining traction and institutional backing (due partly to state policies and other mostly exogenous forces) in the mid-to-late 1990s, and posed a considerable threat to the extensive rural Javanese supports for conceptual and moral relativism that were grounded both in myth, ritual, and cosmology, and in domestic and social-structural arrangements (involving widespread fosterage and adoption, relatively high rates of separation, divorce, and remarriage, and so on).
A Kuujjuarapik et a Umiujaq au Nunavik, mais egalement a South Indian Lake (Manitoba), et a la Baie James, ou nous avons etudie cette question, le mode coutumier de circulation (5) des enfants, l'adoption coutumiere ou le fosterage (6) existent de facon complementaire avec les pratiques institutionnelles, qui sont regies conformement aux dispositions de la loi provinciale.
that can be described in terms of its jural structure, its cultural identity assignments, and the sociocultural transformations that affect the distribution of each of these components in adoption and fosterage transaction' (Brady 1976: 7).
Patterns of child fosterage in rural northern Thailand.
Ashberry House, a noble lineage, fosterage by the Outram family--all these, like much else, were figments.
Adoption and fosterage allowed men to sidestep women's control over reproduction.
The 'ill-defined' (29) concept of fosterage, as employed by Pearse, is best understood metaphorically.
The last two lines of 'Fosterage' witness the word 'fostered' for the first time--as if the idea of fosterage only really became clear somewhere between B3 and the final poem--and also that image, rooted in the Classical world, of 'words | Imposing on my tongue like obols'.
4) Their presence in non-natal households reflects the ubiquity of fosterage, adoption, apprenticeship, and child domestic labor--diverse but overlapping practices I refer to collectively as child circulation.