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your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents

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Josh, age 10, and Adam, age 6, support their mother in caring for their foster sister who is completely dependent for all her care needs.
This mediation is apparent when, in the moment of Winona's return with her rescued foster sister, "Archie took Androsia from the Indian girl" (152).
Those words came back to me as I joked with my colleague about collateral damage and it occurred to me that my elder foster sister and brothers, along with myself, had lived what my father dreamed of.
Catliffe, of the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, who was the father of Larry's foster sister Flo.
I had a foster sister when I was younger, and it can be really hard for them.
Twenty years ago, my foster sister was in a car crash.
His foster sister is cop Deborah Morgan and he shares a platonic relationship with a shy girlfriend because she is still traumatised by a bad experience with another man.
SINGER Seal broke down in tears on TV as he was reunited with his long-lost foster sister.
The final hearing took place four months after the father's suicide and at this point the mother's foster sister, B, was suggested as a possible carer for the two children, with a request for an adjournment to enable an assessment to be made.
Mourners at St Gerard's Church on the Antrim Road in north Belfast included Shirley's foster sister Joanne Corry.
It is believed the I'm a Celebrity winner was rowing with a foster sister when police were called.
There's also a lot of singing and dancing (the catchy theme is performed three times), a subplot with Fat Albert (Kenan Thompson from ``Saturday Night Live'') falling in love for the first time with Doris' ``Jenny From the Block''-style foster sister (Dania Ramirez) and the requisite musical montage, this one featuring Fat Albert trying on clothes.
The court heard that the Philip Croydon's will stated that his assets should be passed on to his wife's foster sister in Scotland in the event that his wife could not profit.
The ex-wife of Sion Jenkins denied in court yesterday that she had "brainwashed" two of her daughters into believing he had murdered their foster sister Billie-Jo.
Folbigg made the shocking claims in a letter to her foster sister, Lea Bown, writing from her New South Wales jail cell.