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a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents but without legally adopting the child

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Besides providing trauma-informed training and other skills for foster parents, DCF links each family with a resource worker who is that family's "go-to'' person.
In addition to Foster Parent Assistant we have also released Data Scanner.
Head of fostering for Birmingham, Jacquie Smith, said that 37 foster parents gave up last year, with many of them complaining they were too old to fill in the workbooks which are required to "evidence their skills and abilities".
I love it," Sharon Robbins, 53, says, when asked why she and her husband of almost 33 years decided to become foster parents to babies born to parents with drug and alcohol problems; parents who have neglected and/or abused their infants; or parents who've had children removed by the state before, and thus have had their newborn children taken under the DHS's "threat of harm" category.
Additionally, many foster parents formally approved by the state have not been given custody of children.
Almost a third of foster parents in Sanchirico, Lau, Jablonka, and Russell's (1998) study of foster parent training indicated that they took part in case planning activities.
During the first 6 weeks of nesting, one parent is constantly at the nest (Osorno, 1996); therefore, we placed chicks directly into nests of foster parents with either the male (foster-parents A) or female (foster-parents B and C) on the nest.
Foster parent assessment and training protocols emphasize selection of warm and flexible foster parents who have sufficient energy and a strong support system.
The Weavers at that point had been foster parents for over a year to two girls, aged seven and three.
Until we can find a mentor, foster parent, or adoptive family for each child, we're going to see unfortunate circumstances.
Already familiar with the foster and adoptive parenting network sponsored by the Center Kids foster programat the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center in New York City, Newman wanted to bring similar foster parent recruitment efforts to her county.
Typical" foster parent issues such as recruitment, training, and coping with care giving demands confront these foster parents.
The 45-year-old single woman had prepared to become a foster parent after learning about it through a seminar at church.