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a woman who is a foster parent and raises another's child

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Hollygrove's TBS team joined with his foster mother, and employees from the Department of Child and Family Services, probation and school to help him.
Furthermore, an additional criterion states that a foster mother must also be willing and able, "to teach or coach less experienced foster parents" (Redesign, Appendix 1).
At the hearing before the judge, only the foster mother and the local authority were represented.
The three victims, known as A, B and C, all gave evidence describing how their daily routines were punctuated by random acts of bizarre and sadistic violence at the hands of their foster mother.
She has become Britain's youngest foster mother and has been the full-time carer of her two siblings, Devon, 12, and Kyle, 10, for the last four years.
A man approached the foster mother and demanded the baby, then got into a car with a woman and drove off.
WENDY KIBBLE is seeking a foster mother for ten pups after losing sprinter Coll Lady when whelping the litter.
It is a family joke that Ann has not worked for a living, but being a foster mother to 130 children, mainly for Coventry Social Services, is enough work for anyone.
They did not wake up until their foster mother arrived.
A nationwide search was launched on Thursday after two sisters, aged five and three, were allegedly abducted as they walked along a Middlesbrough street with their foster mother.
The matter came to light when the girl's foster mother found details of what had been going on in her diary.
A year later the United States Catholic Conference, working through Catholic Community Services of Western Washington, found a good-hearted woman named Diana Owens, who will be Guot's foster mother until he finishes high school.
Meeting Stephanie's foster mother over a behavior problem, Peters confessed that she'd "loved this child since she was a first-grader" but lacked the confidence to parent three children.
He was put into foster care at 4, and his foster mother booted him out at 19 for being gay.