foster daughter

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someone who is raised as a daughter although not related by birth

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A deputy head teacher battered his 13-year-old foster daughter to death after losing his temper, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
Defendant may return home to Aberystwyth while awaiting trial:Sion jenkins spent a year in Aberystwyth on bail awaiting trial for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo and there was speculation in the town yesterday that he might return there.
Killer Sion Jenkins has launched an appeal against his conviction for the murder of foster daughter Billie- Jo, it was announced yesterday.
Later, the prodigal foster daughter promises Kevin she didn't rip Rita off.
Todd tries to convince Jason tries to convince Jason Tony T is playing away with Eva (when it's actually Tracy), and there's a blast from the past when Rita's foster daughter Jenny Bradley returns.
O'Donnell running for Lake County Common Pleas Court is the current Chief Assistant Lake County Prosecutor who was part of the prosecution team which convicted Kevin Knoefel for conspiring with his foster daughter to murder Knoefel's wife in November, 2012.
Lisa had no idea what was going on and she'd never have suspected - Sabrina, 17, was their foster daughter.
Andrea) of Millbury, MA; a foster daughter, Catherine Rose Harvard of MA; grandchildren, Christa Campbell (Kevin) of Ninety Six, Jana Anderson of Lexington, SC, Nicholas Gaskell of MA, Jason Gaskell of NH, Christopher Gaskell of MA, Brian Sabatalo (Eileen) of Boston, MA and Stephen Sabatalo of Cincinnati, OH; great grandchildren, Kylie Campbell and Kaylynn Campbell, both of Ninety Six.
THE ex-deputy headteacher cleared of killing his foster daughter Billie-Jo Jenkins has renewed calls to reopen the case after reports linked a serial rapist with the murder.
Beijing, Aug 23(ANI): A Chinese couple has reportedly sold their sick foster daughter o a family which wants to conduct an afterworld marriage for their dead son.
They have a foster daughter, Teresa McCune of Cottage Grove.
SION Jenkins has been refused compensation for the six years he spent behind bars for the murder conviction of his foster daughter.
Anh'Dao Traxel, foster daughter of former French President Jacques Chirac, chairwoman of the Association "Etoile europE[umlaut]enne du dE[umlaut]vouement civil et militaire (EEDCM)" and her husband Emmanuel Traxel will accompany this caravan.
In an earlier novel in the Joe Pickett series, his foster daughter, April, was seen killed.
FORMER teacher Sion Jenkins has claimed he has identified a possible new suspect for the murder of his teenage foster daughter 11 years after her killing at the family home.