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HB 915 would require that before a foster child could be put on psychotropic medications, his or her guardian must receive written or verbal information from a medical provider on the child's mental health condition, the expected benefits and potential negative effects of psychotropic medications used to treat that condition, and other alternatives for helping the child.
A third foster child in Crozier's care - a five-year-old girl - said Crozier assaulted her in 2002.
Well, our second foster child, who, by the time you read this, will have been legally adopted by us on February 14--his third birthday.
I am so glad I am not in foster care anymore," said Heather, "but I am mindful of what it means, and I am more than happy to help another foster child get to the point where they can experience what a childhood should really be like.
In some cases, the IRS might, on one part of a tax return, view a child of a nonlegal parent as a foster child or dependent, but might not on another.
Other board members, advocates and lawyers say they suspect few are as troubled as Jennifer, a DCFS ward charged with stabbing to death another foster child in March 2002.
In a 2004 report titled "Forgotten Children" that highlighted the overuse of psychotropic medication by foster children in Texas, then-state Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn wrote of a foster child who was prescribed 11 medications in one month, including two antidepressants and two stimulants to treat ADHD, at a cost of $1,088 to the state's Medicaid program.
Agreement in foster care: discrepancies between foster child and foster parent about the severity of problem behaviour'
They have adopted four others from the foster care system, and they have another foster child they assume they'll adopt eventually.
Despite vows by Los Angeles County officials last year to help a teenage runaway foster child find a home, the now 17-year-old says she has had little help finding adoptive parents.
Sleep Country USA Invites Public to Make 17th Year of "Newsradio 710 KIRO's Foster Child Holiday Magic" Best Year Ever
Take-away postcards of each child that provide information on how to begin the adoption process and other ways to help a foster child are also part of the exhibit.
This represents the largest number of items donated to date since Sleep Country began its foster child program more than a year ago.
Runaway foster child Krystina Kessler, 16, said she fears if the missing children are found they will be put back into the very system they ran away from.