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supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home

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At a press conference to promote foster families, Cheng said the city government has provided foster care for more than 30 years, adding that there were 500-plus children who needed foster care in 2017, but there was a very serious deficiency of foster families in the city.
Although children with active abuse or neglect cases in foster care may file motions for visitation or contact with a sibling, the current law was ambiguous and unclear on whether other children in foster care could petition for this right, creating unnecessary obstacles for siblings to maintain ties.
About 8,700 children, ranging from infants to near-adults, are in Oregon's foster care system and remain there for an average of 457 days.
5 more children per 1,000 into foster care annually than states with less-punitive criminal justice systems.
It was released as a part of National Foster Care Month and in conjunction with the first-ever White House Foster Care and Technology Hackathon, which convened child welfare leaders, non-profit organizations, philanthropies, and foster care families and alumni, as well as engineers, technologists, and other leaders, to "hack" innovative solutions for some of the most pressing issues in the foster care system.
Healthcare enterprise Centene (NYSE:CNC) disclosed on Thursday that it has been selected as the Apparently Successful Bidder for the Apple Health Foster Care contract.
The purpose of this paper is to qualitatively examine the perspectives of African American women who have aged out of the foster care system and there are four reasons why this study is important.
In 2008, Congress gave states the option to extend foster care beyond 18, and receive federal reimbursement, with the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act.
The report links and analyzes individual student education and child welfare data to create a first-of-its-kind education snapshot of K-12 students in foster care in California.
Another favourite activity among children is the gardening day organised by Mark Wilson and Vanessa Robinson, support workers at Swiis Foster Care Newcastle.
Only 3 percent to 11 percent of foster care alumni earn a bachelor's degree, compared with approximately 24 percent of adults in the general population (Casey Family Programs, 2011; Pecora et al.
Foster care privatisation is emerging as an increasingly popular policy option, with proponents arguing that the private foster care agency is superior to the public one.
In November leaders from Medicaid, child welfare and representatives from partner organizations met at the NAPCWA Fall Policy Summit to identify strategies to better coordinate and deliver health care to children in foster care.
ACTOR Paul Barber has helped launch Sefton Children's Service Foster Care Fortnight.
According to Courtey (1999) foster care remains poorly studied and poorly understood however there is an abundance of newspaper articles and information on the TV news.