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your foster brother is a male who is not a son of your parents but who is raised by your parents

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She would say she would not marry her foster brother and would prefer to kill herself.
Now, friends and relatives of Houston feared that the life of Bobbi Kristina, who after the death of her mum got engaged to her foster brother Nick and reportedly turned to drugs and alcohol, could be in danger.
Another sister, 37-year-old Mara Swartout, said she has visited Angelica in jail each week since her arrest, as has a foster brother who also lived in the family.
A MAN who was abused by his foster brother has told how he outed him as a paedophile.
Stephani Wojak, 15, and her foster brother Ben McAuliffe, aged eight, died after suffering suspected cardiac arrest as a result of smoke inhalation, police said.
Stephani Wojak, 15, and her foster brother Ben Mcauliffe, aged eight, died after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest as a result of smoke inhalation, police said.
She was married for 30 years and mothered nine children before discovering her husband was her foster brother.
Losing her bother, losing her father, losing her own personal place, she finds the only person to understand her in her foster brother.
In his cluttered bedroom, which he shares with his foster brother inside a large stucco home, is an oversize poster of a fighting Marine.
Hindu and Islamic monuments outside the Qutb area but in the vicinity of Mehrauli, such as the Lal Kot and Qila Rai Pithora, the tomb of Akbar's foster brother Adham Khan, and the two stepwells Rajon ki Bain and Gandhak ki Baoli are also briefly treated.
Poignant: The poster for Carrying David; Expert: Glenn is one of Sky TV's boxing team; Lord of the ring: Glenn; won the IBF world title; Family ties: Glenn, left, with foster brother David and twins Kelly and Shaun
For him it was a question of honor," foster brother Max Mosquera said.
Jim, who has accompanied Reuel to Africa at Aubrey's bidding, declares that "'Aubrey Livingston was my foster brother, and I could deny him nothing'" (593).
Fredette, his former foster brother, Matteo Trotto and a third man, Elias Samia, were indicted in 2012 on charges of murdering Mr.
Samantha Hooper bought the Google Play app for her foster brother - but the game saved her bank details and the 10-yearold managed to unknowingly purchase 20 other games worth PS400 in just two days.