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(of limbs and feet) adapted for digging


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1903: Adaptations to aquatic, arboreal, fossorial and cursorial habits in Mammals.
The fossorial lifestyle of the southeastern pocket gopher suggests soil characteristics also may be important in defining suitable habitat.
In the Aborigen Reserve, Copo National Park and La Fidelidad, interviewees confirmed the species' presence, and attributed the lack of direct sightings to its nocturnal and fossorial habits.
Prevalence of anomalies in the appendicular skeleton of a fossorial rodent population.
The capacity of the urinary bladder is greatest in fossorial and arboreal species (Hillman et al.
Subterranean ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) as prey of fossorial reptiles (Reptilia, Squamata: Amphisbaenidae) in Central Brazil.
Pleurodema diplolister is a fossorial and omnivorous frog, and its explosive reproduction shows greater specialization between the anuran communities of the Caatinga (Hodl, 1992; Cardoso and Arzabe, 1993; Santos et al.
Goatfishes are unique in having a pair of sensory barbels on the chin that are used to probe into sedimentary substrata to detect fossorial prey, mainly a variety of crustaceans, polychaetes, sipunculids, small bivalves, and occasional small fishes or small octopuses.
The plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius (Shaw) is a fossorial rodent known as an important agent of soil disturbance in grassland communities.
The humerus of Necrolestes is wider than any other fossorial mammal's, indicating that Necrolestes was particularly specialized for digging-perhaps more so than any other known burrowing mammal-but this trait didn't make classification any easier.
Venomous snakes of southern Africa: classification, distribution, habitat and clinical toxinology Family and Common name Distribution Clinical toxinology species (see figures) Atractaspididae African Approximately Most cause local (Genus burrowing 15 species pain, swelling and Atractaspis) adders or distributed lymphadenitis only; asps (burrowing throughout blistering, local or mole vipers sub - Saharan necrosis described; or adders, side Africa life - threatening and stabbing or fatal cases have stiletto been recorded snakes), Natal black snake The burrowing asps are fossorial, living mostly underground in deserted termite mounds, under stones or logs, or in soft soil or sand.
Ecology and taxonomy of fossorial, granivorous gryllacridids (Orthoptera : Gryllacrididae) from arid central Australia.
A generic revision of the fossorial wasps of the tribes Stizini and Bembicini, with notes and descriptions of new species.