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the process of fossilizing a plant or animal that existed in some earlier age

becoming inflexible or out of date

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In different continents and cultures of the world prior to the fossilization of the patriarchal ideologies of the major religions of the world especially Christianity and later Islam, as well as their reinforcement by colonialism, the dual pantheon or mixed gender pantheon in the early cultures of these peoples demonstrated the complementarities of the sexes in human kind.
Because there is a relationship between bone preservation and soil pH, forests are less likely to provide good bone preservation and fossilization environments (e.
Ultimately, these early stages of transformation are the beginning of the fossilization of shell material.
Young people in Egypt today are taking the road of the Arab future, while the regime fights in defense of the past, authoritarianism and the fossilization throughout our region.
At the Grand Canyon, a ranger asked his audience to consider the process of personal fossilization, starting with giant dump trucks burying the audience alive in sediment.
He discusses what has been learned about economic strategies from comparing food waste from eating sheep, goats, and cattle; from GIS spatial distribution and fossilization process studies of faunal remains at a site at Tel Beer-Sheba; and from a census on the distribution of livestock species in traditional premodern villages.
15) For Fritsch, the story of Hamlet was presented by Shakespeare as a civilized myth, and, after centuries of stiffening and fossilization.
In referencing sedimentation, erosion, and fossilization, Oliver hints at an expanse of time more vast than we can realize--perhaps even a geological sense of time--yet we feel connected to it and to the object of its making.
Here we can talk about historical momentum and fossilization of firm's management, when they see many problems in these changes from the managerial and financial point of view.
For item 19, 37,1% of the students believed that allowing students to make mistakes in the beginning would lead to fossilization later on, while 50% thought the opposite.
Early on I learned as soon as you think you know it all, you're doomed to fossilization.
That definition has become badly muddied, and the current meaning may denote a person who favors fossilization of the present status of overarching federal power, as against family, church, and community self-government.
The pragmatic fossilization of discourse markers in non-native speakers of English.