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Synonyms for fossilist

a specialist in paleontology

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Mary Arming (1799-1847) of Lyme; 'the greatest fossilist the world ever knew.
These fossilists, about 10 persons, included a woman who collected and sold bones as a way of making a living, an Oxford professor, physicians who studied fossils as a side interest, and a French anatomist.
The Dragon Seekers: The Discovery of Dinosaurs During the Prelude to Darwin' by Christopher McGowan examines the lives of the early fossilists, who were often as extraordinary as their discoveries.
Subtitled The Discovery of Dinosaurs during the Prelude to Darwin, which pretty much sums it up, this attractive volume tells of the early fossilists, notably Lyme Regis-based Mary Anning, one of the most successful fossil hunters ever and others who established a scientific approach to geological history.
These shows are always important to check out, because a few serious mineral dealers always seem to nest there, among the lapidarists and fossilists.