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Synonyms for fossilisation

the process of fossilizing a plant or animal that existed in some earlier age

becoming inflexible or out of date

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Until a few years ago, researchers thought minerals would have replaced all the bones and tissues of the original animal during fossilisation, leaving no chemical traces behind, but two recently developed methods have turned up more information about the dinobird and its plumage.
The negative effects of "democratic dynasties" are obvious: a fossilisation of the elite decays democracy as well as social and economic mobility, fostering "rent-seeking" behaviour in deference to the powerful families.
Banning the use of translation and first language in the classroom due to issues such as fossilisation of an interlanguage (Selinker, 1992), interference to direct thinking in second/foreign language (Rivers & Temperley, 1978), or a waste of class time (Modica, 1991) is neither logical nor humane.
This is certainly a Barber Opera for the 21st century, post-modern in production terms and post "period-performance" fossilisation in musical values.
The battle against clutter is not however a battle for fossilisation or prohibition, but for sensitivity and tact.
Examples of such topics include the problems with the differentiation of the noun and the adjective, the fossilisation of old case suffixes in adverbs or the indifference of voice of verbal nouns in certain Uralic languages.
Oil, coal and natural gas were all created by the process of fossilisation.
Au-dela, il s'impose l'idee d'un developpement equitable, permettant aux societes emettrices et receptrices de partager, de s'apprivoiser sans se detruire et de ne pas aller vers la fossilisation des cultures visitees au nom d'un exotisme abscons.
Fossilisation is rare, whereas oral traditions weaken with the passing of time and are inapplicable to pre-contact times.
They said that while the DNA of the creature the mosquito fed on did not survive fossilisation, other organic molecules did stay intact to provide information about the period.
The traditional interpretation of this pattern, that these landscapes simply promote fossilisation and discovery (Kullmer 2007), has been challenged by clear instances where taphonomic factors cannot provide a complete explanation of observed patterns (Bailey et al.
Soft tissues are seldom preserved during fossilisation.