fossil oil

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a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

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In addition, fossil oil extracted from land is available in large quantities in the Middle East and Russia, and is considered a global competitor in terms of production and transportation costs compared to shale oil.
The group should advise the Commission on the development of political strategies and concrete measures aimed at substituting fossil oil as a transport fuel.
Overall, use of this biofuel "reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 85% compared to diesels from fossil oil," says Solazyme President Harrison Dillon.
Biomass for biofuels holds great potential for the development of agriculture, higher incomes for many countries, and substitution of fossil oil imports and reduced oil dependency.
While these developments have been welcomed in terms of performance, cost effectiveness and weight reduction, they mean that a major part of the production of a diaper is now based on fossil oil derivatives.
With the UK using 40 million tonnes of fossil oil for transport fuels per year and heating accounting for almost half of UK carbon emissions, bioenergy in its various forms could provide a low carbon alternative to running our cars, planes, commercial vehicles, homes and offices.
Bio Fuel Systems says its new fuel is free of contaminants like sulphur dioxide and would be cheaper than fossil oil is now.
And in 1858, large-scale fossil oil exploitation began--at first skimmed from Ontario's earth, then pumped from Pennsylvania's.
However, it is capable to supply the above rate of water for about 150 years by which time a new source of energy is hoped to be developed to meet the requirements of human civilization before fossil oil runs out.
Fossil oil is still considered a primarily source of fuel; however, the market share for bioethanol is gaining in terms of blended fuel.
Renewable raw materials can also replace fossil oil in other applications, such as plastics, and we are also exploring new and exciting opportunities in these areas.
One of Pakistan's biggest problems is that the country is heavily dependent on fossil oil.
It is the only state in the entire northeast region, using CNG as an alternative to fossil oil.
In light of this objective, along with diversifying fuel supply sources and developing long-term replacements for fossil oil, the European Commission proposed targets for biofuels in transport fuel by 2020 among the member states.
There can't be two opinions regarding changing energy mix of Pakistan presently heavily skewed towards fossil oil.