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Synonyms for fossil

fossilized remains


Synonyms for fossil

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fossil

someone whose style is out of fashion

the remains (or an impression) of a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age and that has been excavated from the soil

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The oldest fossil known is of a blue-green algae that lived on some rocks in South Africa 3.
CT scans also allowed the researchers to build an accurate reconstruction of the fossil.
Better tests of the competing views of the Flores fossils will come with further fossil discoveries on the island and with extraction of DNA from Flo's bones, says anthropologist Tim D.
Science, technology, and society: How scientists and researchers are looking for clean, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels.
More than 20 years ago, Waste Management had the foresight to create a program to ensure the preservation of fossils for the benefit of scientist and that of future generations.
Liaoning's fossil beds--formed when sediments were compacted and cemented together--have revealed other surprises too.
Yet Hilary Benn, Great Britain's International Development Secretary, notes correctly that the bank's target of spending just $440 million on renewable energy by 2010 is "disproportionately skewed toward fossil fuels.
The scientists estimate that the adoption of readily available technologies to lessen fossil fuel emissions--applied over the next two decades in these four cities alone--would avoid approximately 64,000 premature deaths, 65,000 chronic bronchitis cases, and 37 million days of work loss or other restricted activity.
He notes that hind-limb feathers were apparent on only 1 of the 10 Archaeopteryx fossils that have been discovered.
Finding a fossil like the skull in the Punchbowl is unusual, Wang said.
UC4:global, UC4 Software's flagship job scheduling solution designed to optimize the efficiency of dynamic IT infrastructures, will enable Fossil to process jobs from a variety of applications, including SAP solutions, while improving the time and accuracy associated with processing jobs throughout the enterprise.
The well-preserved remains of Tiktaalik go a long way, but not quite the whole way, toward filling the gap in the fossil record between the earliest tetrapods and the lobe-finned fish that preceded them, says Clack.
1 -- color) This fossil record of a deep water fish, which existed millions of years ago, shows part of the Los Angeles basin was under 5,000 feet of water.
Within an hour the team unearthed 40 fossil skulls they found poking out of the soil.