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Synonyms for fossil

fossilized remains


Synonyms for fossil

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fossil

someone whose style is out of fashion

the remains (or an impression) of a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age and that has been excavated from the soil

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A magnifying glass: 5x or 10x magnification is best for fossil hunting.
The fossil had been buried under rubble after a WWII bombing raid and since then staff have had trouble sorting and identifying them.
Better tests of the competing views of the Flores fossils will come with further fossil discoveries on the island and with extraction of DNA from Flo's bones, says anthropologist Tim D.
When researchers split a rock in two to reveal a fossil, one side has the bones and the other side has an imprint of the fossil.
Critics say that the current method of producing ethanol uses more energy (in equipment, fossil fuel, and land) than it creates (in fuel).
During the nine-year period, Roeder washed 1,500 tons to 2,000 tons of clay searching for the creatures and screened about 150 tons of rock since 1987 under the fossil recovery program.
That's why, for a fossil hunter looking for prehistoric dinosaur remains, no place beats Liaoning.
Of course, the reality of our world, particularly in developed economies, is that we rely on fossil fuels every day to heat and cool our homes, drive cars and supply electricity to sprawling cities.
However, by examining the hidden assumptions that underpin the prevailing economic model, it becomes possible to see that these positions fail to adequately include the social and individual costs of burning fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are, and will continue to be, important sources of energy in the forest products industry, but the industry is making progress in reducing this source of greenhouse emissions.
This past June, Fossil let the design community in on the fun and announced a contest (open to designers in the United States only) to develop artwork for the brand's watch tin packaging.
Although Tiktaalik has shrunk the gap in the fossil record between tetrapods such as Ichthyostega and the lobe-finned fish that preceded them, that gap hasn't gone away, says Clack.
Retrieved several weeks later by Wang and museum senior preparer Howell Thomas during a hike that required fording rain-swollen Punchbowl Creek barefoot, the fossil - still embedded in a chunk of conglomerate rock - is now at the county museum.
DENVER -- UC4 Software, the global technology leader in enterprise job scheduling, today announced that it will provide enterprise-wide job scheduling, including process management for SAP applications, to Fossil, Inc.