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Over the past 30 years of ceramic practice, woodfiring and fossicking, I have made some good pots and many more bad ones.
Murray-Smith presumably found this account while engaged in on of his favourite occupations, fossicking among the papers in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.
The inevitable nudge and wink component in the narrative line--our young heroine Jane fossicking around for a felicitous title for her new manuscript ("I declare, Cassandra, I just cannot decide: shall it be 'First Impressions' or 'Pride and Prejudice'?
These latter gentry, after fossicking about the camp for worms and grasshoppers, would hop up into the wagon as soon as the bullocks were yoked, making for their crate, where a little food awaited them.
In New Zealand, everyone has the right to look for gold in specified fossicking areas, using only hand tools, according to The Christchurch Press.
I made a point of fossicking out enough of the language to enable me to make most of my enquiries in their own tongue.
The oysters alter intertidal habitats and crowd out native species, and their razor-sharp shells cause serious cuts to people fossicking in intertidal areas.
This meant unearthing cumbersome dusty file boxes, as well as fossicking through rusty filing cabinets dating back to 1985.
There would not, one might think, be much more territory of Doyle's 71 years' fossicking on this side of the veil remaining unexplored, but now Professor Orel has collected together a miseellany of resurrected interviews and recollections which forms a kind of vital appendix or supplementary volume to the life story.
Rosie and friend Juli, illegally fossicking in the ruined Old City, find a strange box and in trying to open it, inadvertently activate an electronic beacon.
Philip Jones must have had an enjoyable time fossicking through half-forgotten artefacts in the dusty cupboards of the South Australian Museum.