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So from those early days when whites and blacks, separately or together, made their lives nomadic in search of sudden wealth or, more likely, bare subsistence on the prospecting trails, we can shoot forwards (sideways, perhaps; the fossickers are still there) to the situation where the big businesses of extraction of mineral wealth still depend on indigenous cooperation (101).
In the early 1880s copper was discovered in significant quantity by five fossickers who set up a mine and permanent camp for themselves.
Expanding his business into purchasing tin-ore enabled him to broker between the small miners, fossickers and the large tin smelters like the Straits Trading and Eastern Smelting Companies.
Fossickers were small groups composed of friends or clansmen who approached owners of mining land to collect tin ore; lacking capital and knowledge, they were regarded as inefficient miners (p.
Artefact collectors and fossickers were active throughout the area and large collections of poorly provenanced artefacts ended up in the Museum of Victoria (Mulvaney 1990, 149; Warren 1985).
September 3, 2014 (KHARTOUM) - Sudanese government has deployed some units of the controversial militia of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the River Nile state to protect gold fossickers following the increase of insecurity in the .
The introduction of affordable metal detectors circa 1980 launched a new gold rush throughout Australia, the participants including both recreational fossickers and traditional miners searching for coarse, visible gold near the surface.
Material from these sources can be obtained from local fossickers in Australia, shops in the mining towns, or remotely via websites.