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ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled with water


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However, Fosse believed that social media has its disadvantage that 'general networks are too broad.
Another anti-genre smokescreen for "All That Jazz" is how Fosse performs a topsyturvydom maneuver on the art house film, the nontraditional genre that asks raised-issue questions, such as is there a God, or why are we here?
They have teamed up with protest group Fosse Way RAID (Residents Against Inappropriate Development) to sign a petition opposing potential plans to build 15 permanent pitches at land next to the centre on the Fosse Way near Leamington.
He says he had secured the fabulous star Ginger Rogers to fly in and present winner choreographer Bob Fosse as an honoree.
Mohammedia - Trois personnes ont trouve la mort samedi au Douar Ouled Maaza Lhjar (Chellalate au Sud-Est de Mohammedia a environ 6 Km) en tombant successivement dans une fosse septique.
So the show's choreography, as credited in the program, is "by Chet Walker in the style of Bob Fosse.
James Fosse has been selected as the next RiverCom 911 director by the RiverCom Administrative Board.
If there's one name that hangs over the Neil Simon show "Sweet Charity," which opens tonight for a weekend run at the Shedd, it's that of the late Bob Fosse.
En fait, en 1987, une equipe japonaise de l'Universite de Waseda avait utilise un scanner electromagnetique pour confirmer la presence, dans une deuxieme fosse, des pieces d'un second navire en bois.
New Fosse Way links Selly Oak to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and follows the well-trodden path along which Roman legions marched to Metchley Fort nearby.
Dr Roger White, lecturer in Roman archaeology at the University of Birmingham, said: "While I am delighted they have recognised Metchley Fort, it is misleading to call it Fosse Way.
Malcom Etheridge, 63, retired, Cowbridge: "La Fosse (The Hayes) is always very good and there is a nice ambiance and decent food.
Fiesta Atlanta is a wonderful way for the community to come together and celebrate Cinco de Mayo," said Zayra Fosse, representative for Macy's.
LOS ANGELES: Actor Roy Scheider, a two-time Oscar nominee best known for his roles as a small-town police chief in Jaws and his portrait of famed choreographer Bob Fosse in All That Jazz, died at age 75.
McWaters' precise and thorough analysis of Bob Fosse's accomplishments as a choreographer have an authentic feel, mostly because she has acted as choreographer on a number of Fosse productions on Broadway, and has conducted workshops on this dancing style across the country.