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ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled with water


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I've asked why and have been told the articles about Foss were the reason.
At the pre-inquest review at Swansea's Civic Centre yesterday, Mr Phillips said CCTV images showed that Mr Foss "stepped in front of a bus without looking and that the bus was being driven in a proper manner".
Acal expects the acquisition of Foss to double the former's revenues in the fibre optic market, while the latter would benefit from cross-selling prospects when it joins Acal.
We hold a regular general working party from 10am to noon on the first Saturday of each month when newcomers will find a warm welcome whether ready to get their hands dirty or just to learn more about FoSS and the Spa Park.
Consequently, Richard Stallman, the founder of FOSS considered that proprietary software limited the number of people use the programmes, limited the rights of users, harmed to the society benefit, obstructed users' adoption throughout ICT, defenced the users' requirements, and encumbered other developers to learn from the programmes or innovation.
Coos County sheriff's deputies have searched roads between Powers and Bridge, but have not been able to locate Foss or his van.
Created by General Joe Foss and his wife Didi before his death, the Joe Foss Institute is a 501 (C)(3) educational organization dedicated to educating our nation's youth about patriotism, public service, integrity and an appreciation for America's unique freedoms and history.
Other goals include collaboration with other parties on providing and developing training programs in FOSS technologies and support the research and development in FOSS technologies for the benefit of local and regional needs.
Close pal Sean Hogben said Mr Foss had struggled with addiction for more than two decades but had bravely turned his life around.
On joining the Company, Mr Foss said "I am very pleased to join the management team at Texon Petroleum Ltd where we have an extremely talented staff of geologists, geophysicists, engineers and land men who have a successful record of discovery and production.
In the Arab world, the phenomenon is difficult to observe, but advocates and users of FOSS believe it is slowly gaining ground.
It is instead a philosophy of nature in the more popular sense of a creed or handbook, a vade mecum or pathway whose primary function is to advance the reader--in this case, 'humankind' in general--towards what Foss believes is its naturally evolving place as 'Earth's destiny' (300).
London, Nov 23 (ANI): Sara Foss, a British mother to 13 kids, has pledged to continue giving birth until twins are born.
HILLEROD, Denmark, September 16 /PRNewswire/ -- FOSS has extended the availability of software functionality that helps to spot adulterated raw milk.
Military Academy at West Point in 1951, and Foss followed suit five years later.