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Synonyms for forwarding

the act of sending on to another destination

the advancement of some enterprise

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Edith and Hans walked on either side of him and supported him, the while he cracked jokes and tried to keep them cheerful, breaking off, once, long enough to arrange the forwarding of his share of the gold to his mother in Ireland.
Was there no possibility of sending to fetch him if it were only for an instant, or forwarding to him one line of writing to which he might return a verbal reply?
Pickwick also; and under the influence of which, that gentleman got himself into complicated entanglements with harness, and mixed up with horses and wheels of chaises, in the most surprising manner, firmly believing that by so doing he was materially forwarding the preparations for their resuming their journey.
Convinced at last that for the present all such attempts were hopeless, he appointed two or three scouts, with promises of large rewards in case of their forwarding him any intelligence, and returned to London by next day's coach.
com's new free URL forwarding service, there's no reason for anyone with a Web site not to have a personalized or branded domain name," said Richard Forman, President and CEO of register.
NET, the world's largest email outsourcer, has received a patent for its technology that enables email filtering and forwarding, an integral component of USA.
today announced the premier of Forward Air Complete(TM), a new integrated service offering for the freight forwarding and logistics industry.
Campbell, President of Forward Air, stated, "We are extremely pleased that DHL Global Forwarding has chosen Forward Air as its primary partner for ground-based transportation for the next three years and has placed its confidence in us to provide the superior level of service and performance that has been the hallmark of both of our companies.
A first-of-its-kind system for Odyssey's international freight-forwarding customers, the International Forwarding Platform tracks the entire forwarding process from initial export order through the final receipt of goods, invoicing and payment.
NYSE:CNF) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with UPS under which UPS will purchase CNF's Menlo Worldwide Forwarding business for $150 million in cash, plus the assumption of approximately $110 million of debt.
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, a leading global heavyweight freight forwarding company (previously called Emery Forwarding), announced today that it has been selected by The Boeing Company to be its primary domestic air freight provider for all shipments 21 pounds and above for next day and deferred air freight services.