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Synonyms for forwarding

the act of sending on to another destination

the advancement of some enterprise

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Features of Odyssey's platform include paperless document distribution, Automated Export System integration, forwarding process and in-transit visibility, seamless event management, Web-based reporting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration capabilities.
CNF said it would recognize an after-tax loss on the sale of Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, formerly named Emery Worldwide, of approximately $260 million, subject to adjustments at closing.
We are delighted that Boeing has chosen Menlo Worldwide Forwarding to be their primary heavyweight air freight service provider and we look forward to playing an even larger role in helping Boeing maintain operational excellence within their supply network," said Eric Kirchner, chief operating officer, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding.
In order to keep C-TPAT certification, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding must maintain a complete and detailed security plan to be available for CBP to review upon request.
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding has more than 30 years of operational experience in Mexico.
With more than 55 years in the ocean transportation industry, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding has highly experienced ocean services teams in over 75 locations around the globe.
a California-based electronics manufacturer with facilities worldwide, has awarded a major international freight-forwarding contract to Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, a leading global heavyweight freight forwarding company that was previously called Emery Forwarding.
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, the leading global heavyweight freight forwarding company that was previously called Emery Forwarding, has upgraded its logistics facility in Otay Mesa, California that provides full transportation, logistics and warehousing capabilities to support the important U.