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moving forward

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The constantly forward-moving rhythm as things pass by is broken up by the occasional pit stop where any action, a change from the unbroken scenery, seems heightened.
He does so in order to lament the eclipse of the "rugged individual" by the monotonous but forward-moving drone of modern technology.
He had initiated management and cultural changes at Hewlett-Packard years before they became the yardsticks [for measuring] any progressive, forward-moving organization," notes another financial executive.
Contributions from The World Bank, Lex Carribean, Commerzbank, Norton Rose and more offer their expert opinions on what is on the horizon for this forward-moving region, and how the keen investor can best stand to benefit from these developments.
As with his previous Mozart recordings, Jacobs approaches this score with a freshness and revolutionary zeal that is infectious: rhythms are crisp, attacks are cleanly articulated, tempi are forward-moving, texts are clear, recitatives are delivered with dramatic conviction and ornamentation is tasteful (and appropriate).
Right from the Introduction, pounding, steely and tensile, one sensed this would be a forward-moving reading, with wonderfully-balanced orchestral sound.
The College of William & Mary Executive MBA is one of the nation's top graduate business programs designed specifically to help forward-moving executive and management professionals within industry, technology, government and the military achieve greater success.
The LinuxLink developer service is aligned with the forward-moving direction of the open source Linux community, rather than locking developers into propriety technology provided by a particular vendor who is challenged to provide useful support and maintenance.
A spokesman for the company said: 'We wanted to offer a forward-moving product to help fight fraud in the country.
The position of Executive Director is a new position within Chrysler Group, signaling the Company's forward-moving directive to increase diversity throughout the organization.
As we continue to reshape the landscape of MSEP we will update our shareholders and the investment community of our forward-moving efforts.
Progressive in the sense of forward-thinking, forward-moving.
I believe that with our unique packaging and our connection with our consumer, we continue to create a forward-moving strategy.
Evans commanded a glorious range of tone, delicate as well as fulsome, for the Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde , preceded by a fluently-shaped Prelude, Oramo's forward-moving baton never risking portentousness.
I am grateful for the trust and confidence that has been given to me and excited by this opportunity to lead such a dynamic and forward-moving organization.