forward pass

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a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

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But not SLU's crafty Cochems, the first collegiate football coach at the time who understood the impact the forward pass could have on the game.
Also, supporters often call for a forward pass when a pass, say, along the halfway line, appears to drift forward - but they do not take into account the forward momentum of the ball as it is being released.
Paterson's boot edged the Scots in front but after the break Fitzgerald touched downfollowing that blatant forward pass and Contepomi converted.
They came back, running almost the length of the field, but a forward pass ended their hopes.
Pape then added a converted try of his own as Ormskirk continued to press forward, but Jonny Miles was denied following a superb move when the touch judge called back for a forward pass.
When Stoops arrived, the conference was still a place where the forward pass was not always viewed as forward progress.
Smith and his officials missed a blatant forward pass which helped Hull score the crucial opening try and he then went on to sin-bin Darren Fleary and Paul March in the second half as the Giants, with two `tries' disallowed, found themselves on the wrong end of a 15-7 penalty count.
Fly-half Jos Baxendell broke Sale's duck with a 49th-minute penalty and Sharks hooker Andy Titterrell then broke loose to score after a dubious looking forward pass.
If someone does try a forward pass and it doesn't come off, he is not at the sidelines shouting his head off.
Dan Scarborough grabbed the only try of the first half on 31 minutes as Tigers' appeals that there had been a forward pass were ignored and Glen Jackson converted to make it 13-6.
It had started so well with Reece Spee going over for a try, but the touch judge decided there had been a forward pass which, if nothing else, confirmed things do not go your way when you are at the bottom.
It all looked so promising for the visitors early on with Reece Spee only being denied a try by the touch judge, who had spotted a forward pass.
Griffin was again involved when Davies struck the second on 33 minutes, laying a forward pass from skipper Jenkins into the path of the midfield player whose determination enabled him to beat Ben Surey and get in his shot from 20 yards.
Winger Steve Bell's try broke the 6-6 deadlock with 16 minutes to go, although there appeared to be a forward pass in the lead-up.
Hell, Butt could play a forward pass that unsettled the opposition defence.