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To ride one, you must move the plates in opposing directions to generate forward motion.
The propulsion mode of 5 to 10 degrees provides forward motion while effectively moving sand, silt and other debris back to the pipe opening.
Designed to stop the forward motion of the bowstring, the String Tamer allows the string to stop at its natural resting point.
To help maintain forward motion, AutoLoad[TM] reduces wheel slip in low traction applications to maintain productivity.
Still green or not straightforward, with ideas not entirely focused on forward motion, but, either way, has plenty more to give if she can be persuaded.
Fast and clean, the Scotch paper cutter glides through most materials with a simple forward motion.
Lucky for Blackwell, the table tennis industry has hung in limbo for decades, which means just about any forward motion would be considered positive.
In order to bring new forward motion and solutions to problems, the commission will hold hearings in cities across America.
This exercise helps the student conceptualize the idea of producing forward motion, while at the same time dealing with the up/down image of staccato.
Better not, just in case it rolls forward on the seat because it's designed in such a way as to encourage forward motion and I may have to lean over, putting my back out.
Maybe, if ``Firewall'' didn't have so many gaps in logic and had more forward motion, you'd have less time to ponder Ford's craggy face.
Now we might really see a break in moving LGBT rights in forward motion again.
Among the many sounds heard emanating from inside the Beltway (including, hisses, backfires, grunts, and perhaps even a whine or two) are the grinding gears of the government shifting into forward motion in response to the President's challenge to develop options to reform the Internal Revenue Code that both vexes and employs TEI members.
5 bar, the instant the iron detects forward motion.
Situated behind the kneecap and overlapping its posterior counterpart the PCL, the ACL limits excessive forward motion of the tibia, or shin bone.
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