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Synonyms for forum

Synonyms for forum

a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

a public facility to meet for open discussion

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Web surfers can visit the forums directly at http://www.
Irked that most of the City Council candidates were excluded from an upcoming forum, council hopeful Dave Seagal has organized his own panel discussion in which all 10 office seekers can participate.
Registration, which is open to both IMS Forum members and non-members starts on Wednesday, October 18th, 2006.
In Less Than a Year, the Forum Counts over 1500 Members
These sector-specific forums will feature corporate executives presenting to institutional and high net-worth investors who are following the specific company or industry.
Using WS-Trust, the Forum Sentry STS automates the validation of security tokens and enables identities to be exchanged for both browser-based and machine-to-machine applications.
As a result of selecting Forum Systems, we will be deploying our first Forum SOA security product to customers within the month -- a testament to the opportunity we have here in Asia Pacific market.
By decoupling the specification, enforcement and revision of policies from the application core, the Forum Policy Handling System allows an enterprise to manage a cross section of SOA-specific rules and constraints that span IT, corporate and regulatory requirements," said Walid Negm, vice president of marketing for Forum Systems.
Forum Systems, a market leader in the SOA security space, announced today that Forum XWall(TM) Web Services Firewall has achieved certified integration with HP OpenView SOA Manager software.
There are business applications in which security must be enforced at the exact location where information is being processed for privacy reasons," said Walid Negm, vice president of marketing for Forum Systems.
Companies rarely get an opportunity to be nominated for this prestigious award let alone win in two categories," said Wes Swenson, CEO and president of Forum Systems.
Forum Systems, the leader in Web services and SOA security infrastructure for XML acceleration, threat protection and trust management, today announced that it has successfully integrated its line of SOA Security products with the SafeNet Luna SA Ethernet-attached HSM (Hardware Security Module) in order to address the full spectrum of cryptographic, public key, identity and content security needs of organizations with strict security demands from commercial enterprises to intelligence, defense and financial communities.
amp; SALT LAKE CITY -- SOA Software Service Manager Leverages Standards to Integrate Management and Monitoring Capabilities with Forum Systems XWall XML Firewall and Forum Sentry SOA Gateway
Forum System's SOA Gateway and XML Firewall to Natively Communicate with RSA ClearTrust for Authentication, Authorization and Policy Delegation
SALT LAKE CITY -- Forum XWall Web Services Firewall Offers XML Filtering, Content Acceleration and Web Services Security to Support Highly Interactive and Resource Intensive Ajax Applications