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Synonyms for forty-third

the ordinal number of forty-three in counting order


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This is Indiana United Bancorp's forty-third consecutive quarterly cash dividend paid.
Alexander Joseph Luthor has been elected the forty-third president of the United States.
The Showroom is one forty-third the size of an actual supermarket and contains thousands of products frequently couponed.
The branch, which is Eastern's forty-third, is a full service banking offices, giving customers the opportunity to conveniently access their accounts, apply for loans, and take care of their more complex financial needs.
We welcome Amstrad as our forty-third set-top decoder manufacturer currently licensed to offer the Macrovision feature in digital receivers for pay-TV operators," said Jeremy Corcoran, director of PPV copy protection at Macrovision U.
This PCC satellite will be the company's forty-third worldwide.