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Finally, forty-something Rick Astley proved the key to this trip down '80s memory lane.
And though 40-year-old Vijay Singh, 43-year-old Kenny Perry and Fred Couples, who turned 44 two weeks ago, have combined for seven victories this season, they will not be the only super-successful forty-somethings competing at Woods' Target World Challenge presented by Williams.
In thirty years when the thirty- and forty-somethings need replacement parts, the supply will be there.
Families headed by forty-somethings were worth $79,000 in 1989, $54,000 in 1999.
Like many forty-somethings, he's unable to imagine that face-to-face contact doesn't necessarily produce better results.
Conspicuous in their absence are reforms to curb the mortgage interest-rate deduction, a favorite tax break among thirty- and forty-somethings, many of whom have watched the value of their homes stall or fall and are still paying off mortgages.
We suggest that forty-somethings shouldn't have a crisis without first reading mPower writer Clifton Linton's article on how they can efficiently manage finances and save for retirement.
Indeed, the central quartet of fun-loving forty-somethings (played by Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish) are more likely to smear the ingredients of the nursery rhyme over their naked body parts, or chug them with absinthe.
It's not just because Blur, as much as erstwhile competitors Oasis, represent in the minds of many forty-somethings the 1990s, a decade enjoying a huge nostalgia boom at present.
So, well, after the banner unfurling it'll be home-made cake and bought-out lunch and hopefully too much fizz and then we can slob as forty-somethings together.
I can forgive a septuagenarian her digital illiteracy, but there are many forty-somethings in my life who are equally unconnected.
Announce the tour a year in advance, and give the forty-somethings who remember the big hits first time round, time to plan for it, sort out babysitters, and book time off for a few days in Oslo.
Innocuous balladeers like Frank Ifield, Frankie Laine and Guy Mitchell thrilled the forty-somethings with Answer Me, Chika Boom, Swedish Rhapsody and Oh