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being six more than forty


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The head woman, Madame Lardot's factotum, an old maid of forty-six, hideous to behold, lived on the opposite side of the passage to the chevalier.
Emil Gluck was executed on December 4, 1941, and so died, at the age of forty-six, one of the world's most unfortunate geniuses, a man of tremendous intellect, but whose mighty powers, instead of making toward good, were so twisted and warped that he became the most amazing of criminals.
Peculiarly rich in the coleoptera and in the lepidoptera, forty-six new species of the one and ninety-four of the other had been secured in the course of a few weeks.
To a glazier, for the windows of the said chamber, forty-six sols, eight deniers parisis.
According to Dengue Response Unit Peshawar, one hundred and forty-six of them have been admitted in hospitals for treatment and rest sent home after receiving initial treatment, Radio Pakistan reported.
In a press statement issued Tuesday, Gush Shalom continued, "Already for forty-six years, the State of Israel is maintaining by force of arms an occupation of the West Bank, amounting to more than seventy percent of the Israel's total history - yet nobody regards these territories as part of Israel (nor are they such under Israel's own laws).
Frank is survived by his beloved wife of forty-six years, Frances M.
Pakistani district on Sunday killed five workers and trapped forty-six others,
Saturday's fundraiser included a casino, a free buffet put on by the pub and music from bands Road 2 Forty-six and Five More Minutes.
While everyone is familiar with Merchant Ivory Productions' meticulous adaptations of classic English and American novels, such as The Bostonians (1984), A Room With a View (1985), and The Remains of the Day (1993), and while early Merchant-Ivory films like Shakespeare Wallah (1965) and The Guru (1969) have rightly developed their own cult following, hardly anyone seems to be aware of the extent to which Merchant Ivory Productions' forty-six films show evidence of Merchant's creative input, nor of the fact that he occasionally directed as well as produced.
Of the forty-six million abortions that occur each year, roughly twenty million are performed under unsafe conditions," according to Planned Parenthood.
There still are forty-six solo repertoire works, with the one-third ratio of educational composers or arrangements (sixteen to be exact) maintained.
Forty-six percent of the 2001 pregnancies were aborted.
In order to test the forty-six test subjects, each opposite pair of switches was pressed, making one tube flashing and the other still.
The sentencing judge had ordered the offender to be imprisoned for forty-six months, followed by three years of supervised release, the first three months of which was to be spent in a halfway house.