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being seven more than forty


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Dear me, for what trifling offenses the most of those forty-seven men and women were shut up there
However, were the forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of gas of which we speak, all introduced into the balloon, it would be entirely filled; but that would not do, because, as the balloon continued to mount into the more rarefied layers of the atmosphere, the gas within would dilate, and soon burst the cover containing it.
How can you have known a hundred and forty-seven of him?
I listened respectfully, smiling at this young thing for carrying it so motherly to me, and in the end I had to remind her that I was forty-seven years of age.
Look at me now and dare to tell me that I look forty-seven.
She was forty-seven, I'm tellun' ye, an' she hod a child ot forty-seven.
As to his age, if one had attempted to guess it, one might have said forty-seven, then corrected himself and said seventy-four.
Sir Oliver Buttesthorn, Sir Richard Causton, Sir Simon Burley, Black Simon, Johnston, a hundred and fifty archers, and forty-seven men-at-arms had fallen, while the pitiless hail of stones was already whizzing and piping once more about their ears, threatening every instant to further reduce their numbers.
I'm forty-seven now; look ten years more; and the doctors say--damn the doctors anyway
It was upon the whole a very distinguished party, for independently of the lesser theatrical lights who clustered on this occasion round Mr Snittle Timberry, there was a literary gentleman present who had dramatised in his time two hundred and forty-seven novels as fast as they had come out--some of them faster than they had come out--and who WAS a literary gentleman in consequence.
Sulivan informs me that the hide of a average-sized bull weighs forty-seven pounds, whereas hide of this weight, less thoroughly dried, is considered a a very heavy one at Monte Video.
He died in 1719 at the age of only forty-seven, perhaps the most generally respected and beloved man of his time.
The Mediterranean Fleet will be forty-seven hours before it comes together," was the message he heard.
Who'd think the moon was two hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred and forty-seven miles off?
It took us forty-seven minutes by my watch; or, rather, it took Raffles; and never in my life have I seen anything more deliberately done.