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being one more than forty


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he muttered and thought he held in his arms not the tired-out woman of forty-one but a lovely and innocent girl who had been able by some miracle to project her- self out of the husk of the body of the tired-out woman.
The ring-finger had suffered a slight abrasion, and the stain of the blood was still visible and unchanged after forty-one years.
for forty-one, ten, eleven and a half, and I am happy to recover my moral dignity, and to know that I can once more walk erect before my fellow man
Acting upon this hint, I made the division thus: 'A good glass in the Bishop's hostel in the Devil's seat - forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes - northeast and by north - main branch seventh limb east side - shoot from the left eye of the death's-head - a bee-line from the tree through the shot fifty feet out.
This latter direction I at once established by means of a pocket-compass; then, pointing the glass as nearly at an angle of forty-one degrees of elevation as I could do it by guess, I moved it cautiously up or down, until my attention was arrested by a circular rift or opening in the foliage of a large tree that overtopped its fellows in the distance.
As for you -- I cannot suppose you will be silly enough to denounce yourselves, for then the king, to spare himself the expense of feeding and lodging you, will send you off to Scotland, where the seven hundred and forty-one gibbets are to be found.
Here it is, Professor Porter," and Tarzan drew an envelope from his pocket and handed it to the astonished professor, "two hundred and forty-one thousand dollars.
There are three hundred and forty-one in the town," said Aylward, "and I hear that three hundred and forty cartels and defiances have already been sent in, the only one missing being Sir John Ravensholme, who is in his bed with the sweating sickness, and cannot set foot to ground.
With a pitch to help me, I'd have done something big; as it is, three for forty-one, out of the four that fell, isn't so bad for a slow bowler on a plumb wicket against those fellows.
Forty-one percent of those polled said they would vote for mayors and municipal councilors on 25 October, while 17% said they were more likely to vote than staying away.
Mattison's Forty-One and Mattison's City Grille introduce new menu items to their already popular lunch menus--however, the famous Mattison's Burger remains unchanged and available at both locations.
Summary: DUBAI -- Forty-one is the number of the moment, with the same number of photos in a region-first exhibition as candles on the nation's last birthday cake.
With this purchase, UMH now owns forty-one manufactured home communities consisting of approximately 9,009 sites.
Diala, Jun 2, (VOI) a" Forty-one prisoners were released from Iraqi jails in Diala province on Monday for lack of evidence on their involvement in criminal acts, the Diala police chief said.
We managed to bring forty-one people down to the courthouse that day (and registration forms somehow materialized for all of them).