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a miner who took part in the California gold rush in 1849

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And after being pleasured, Flannery returns the favor, feeling "as proud as any pioneering forty-niner.
A forty-niner simply walked into a studio and commissioned a portrait or view.
In a cavern, in a canyon, Excavating for a mine, Lived a miner, forty-niner, And his daughter Clementine.
But, as soon as Team GB struck more gold than a Californian forty-niner, the political PR machine shot out of the blocks.
Of the four family biographies used to illustrate Putah Greek's mining background, one forty-niner mined briefly before taking work in Sacramento.
The trunk - which Freeman believed was left by a forty-niner who died trying to reach California's gold fields - will be the subject of a History Channel ``History's Mysteries'' episode scheduled to air at 8 p.
To Qualify as a New Forty-Niner, a business must be operated for profit, headquartered in Alaska and owned - at least 51 percent - by Alaska residents.
While some people continue to believe it is authentic, National Park Service staffers say they have no doubt the trunk wasn't left by a lost forty-niner - even if they don't know who did leave it.
I'm a San Francisco Forty-Niner fan with a heavy residue of Green Bay Packer backer clinging to the auricles of my gridiron heart.
For seven New Forty-Niner firms last year, business was extremely brisk.
Inside were 150-year-old gold and silver coins - and a weathered letter bearing the name of a forty-niner who died trying to find California gold fields.
The average New Forty-Niner saw gross revenues increase 15 percent in 1988, proving there are golden opportunities in the Alaskan economy.
The Forty-Niner with the second fastest growth in 1988 revenues is South Coast Inc.
Among the treasures were journals documenting the wagon train trek of forty-niner William Robinson, who was with some 100 men, women and children in search of the gold-laden foothills of the Sierra Nevada but ended up in the merciless valley.
During five years of researching the forty-niner route, I have asked the Air Force, always with courtesy and deference, to provide our team access to important forty-niner sites inside the base.