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a miner who took part in the California gold rush in 1849

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We've been planning this for more than a year,'' said Allan Smith of Palmdale, one of the five members of the Footsteps of the Lost Forty-niners Expedition, which will wind up at Death Valley National Monument on Christmas Day.
Five Antelope Valley hikers are setting off today to retrace the path taken 147 years ago by impatient forty-niners, who in search of a shortcut to the gold fields, stumbled into the ``jaws of hell'': Death Valley.
Forty-niners eagerly commissioned views of mining claims and boomtowns or sat for portraits in rough frontier clothing, bristling with weapons.
But, as soon as Team GB struck more gold than a Californian forty-niner, the political PR machine shot out of the blocks.
Of the four family biographies used to illustrate Putah Greek's mining background, one forty-niner mined briefly before taking work in Sacramento.
The trunk - which Freeman believed was left by a forty-niner who died trying to reach California's gold fields - will be the subject of a History Channel ``History's Mysteries'' episode scheduled to air at 8 p.
To Qualify as a New Forty-Niner, a business must be operated for profit, headquartered in Alaska and owned - at least 51 percent - by Alaska residents.
Big Game Week is once again being hosted by Billy Taylor, former Giants' running back, NY Giants' defensive end and former Notre Dame star, Eric Dorsey, Giants' wide receiver, San Francisco Forty-niner and former Northwestern State star, Odessa Turner, and Matt Blair, Minnesota Vikings' star line backer, outstanding Iowa State player and best-selling author.
While some people continue to believe it is authentic, National Park Service staffers say they have no doubt the trunk wasn't left by a lost forty-niner - even if they don't know who did leave it.
I'm a San Francisco Forty-Niner fan with a heavy residue of Green Bay Packer backer clinging to the auricles of my gridiron heart.
For seven New Forty-Niner firms last year, business was extremely brisk.
Inside were 150-year-old gold and silver coins - and a weathered letter bearing the name of a forty-niner who died trying to find California gold fields.
The average New Forty-Niner saw gross revenues increase 15 percent in 1988, proving there are golden opportunities in the Alaskan economy.
The Forty-Niner with the second fastest growth in 1988 revenues is South Coast Inc.
Others scheduled on Monday to teach and inspire students in low-income communities around the country include author Kaye Gibbons, San Francisco Forty-Niner Ken Norton, Jr.