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the ordinal number of forty-five in counting order


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The conference was scheduled for this year because 2011 is the four hundredth anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, also the forty-fifth anniversary of the Jerusalem Bible, states Daniel Jeyaraj, professor of world Christianity, director of the center, and an IBMR contributing editor.
On the day of that epiphanic home run in 1960, my father, a millwright on the Open Hearth at Edgar Thomson Steel Works in Braddock, the first steel mill that Andrew Carnegie erected in the United States, was six days away from his forty-fifth birthday.
His plans for the parcel call for a $200 million retail and office development dubbed Forty-Fifth at the time.
The Forty-Fifth General Assembly was dissolved on September 17th and the General Election took place on October 9th.
This was the third successful intercept for the current THAAD program, the forty-fifth successful missile defense intercept since 1999 which equates to 81% success rate for all systems.
Pat Quirke replied with a forty-fifth point from a Londonfree but Leitrim hit back with three further points from Declan Maxwell, Emlyn Mulligan and sub Gavin McWeeney in the next twelve minutes.
The state ranked forty-fifth, according to the group.
The hook was written on the forty-fifth anniversary of John Paul's appointment as auxiliary bishop of Crakow, and is a celebration of the episcopal vocation.
And for the month of December, the Ailey company, celebrating its forty-fifth anniversary, shared its generous spirit with New York.
The boundary of New York ran along the forty-fifth parallel, but a survey in the 1770s had drawn the line about a kilometre too far to the north.
The birth of his daughter Hasnia on his forty-fifth birthday engendered the catalyst for the first independent step In the life of a man who has always followed his father's and the army's dictates.
The offspring is fully formed, though not fully grown, by around the forty-fifth day after conception.
By sheer strength of will he succeeded in keeping ahead of pursuivant death until his forty-fifth year, when he had an appointment in Samoa.
The recent publication of SCCNH 10, which presents papers on Nuzi and Hurrian read at the forty-fifth Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale (Harvard, July 1998), is further proof of the vitality of this series.
Forty-fifth Street West south of Quartz Hill Road remained closed because of water flowing across it.