forty winks

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sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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As Northampton's thrilling promotion pot comes to the boil this afternoon, Peer has been struggling to grab forty winks.
Forty winks, snooze, kip and more are just a few of the terms we use when we retire up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.
Earplugs or an eyemask may also help you bag those forty winks with relative ease.
RESEARCH shows that sleeping on an uncomfortable bed can be the stuff of nightmares, losing up to an hour of slumber a night - so why not celebrate the beginning of March's National Bed Month with forty winks on a new bed or mattress?
Safely catch up on your business or personal phone calls, do some reading, or perhaps just chill out to the point of catching the proverbial forty winks.
Like many stable staff, she was sensibly snatching forty winks between morning and evening stables, but she nodded off in her lodgings near Lambourn after leaving the bath running and woke to find all the ground-floor carpets ruined.
So till next time Mum, we say goodnight, it's only forty winks that will make us sleep tight.
There were those who caught their forty winks amid the hullabaloo, but when awake joined in the fanfare with gusto.
The name isn't terribly innovative, and nor is the concept really, as its quite simply about offering someone the ability to take a power-nap, or catch-up on forty winks.
Managers, groundsmen, caterers and other staff gave up their beds to catch forty winks in the workplace so they were ready to get to work again on Sunday morning.
THIS is the only companion you'll ever need on your travels for grabbing forty winks.
ANYONE who names their play Forty Winks has to be either mad, stupid or supremely confident that references to slumber will be avoided in reviews.
If you are hungry you can buy snacks, if not you can just catch up on some work or take forty winks and save your appetite until later.
I'm convinced his forty winks were down to the amount of hard work he puts in at Tynecastle.
Many initially try to tackle the sleep disorder on their own terms - even taking to narcotics or alcohol in a desperate attempt to catch their share of forty winks.