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It was recently revealed that Rihanna is reportedly seeking help from fortune-tellers and psychics because she is afraid her fame will fade.
Whether predicting political upheaval on television or advertising exorcisms in Al-Waseet, Lebanese fortune-tellers blend religion, mysticism and psychology into a soothing spiritual balm for a country plagued by uncertainty.
As the New Year draws closer, the predictions of the fortune-tellers abound.
The demand for fortune tellers was illustrated - yet again - after it emerged that clairvoyants, soothsayers, fortune-tellers and astrologers with special powers have reported revenues worth hundreds of thousands of levs at the National Revenue agency.
However, fortune-tellers predictions do not always come true.
If you recall JP Morgan was one of those brilliant financial fortune-tellers that didn't know there was going to be an economic meltdown until people were kicked out of their offices with cardboard boxes.
Rising economic and social pressures may be leading increasing numbers of Iranians to turn to fortune-tellers, seeking signs of hope for the future.
You see, it seems that via the powers of a new EU Directive, all players of tarot cards, fortune-tellers, mediums, seance sitters, psychic healers, astrologers, clairvoyants and three card tricksters must adorn their hoardings, adverts and websites with large disclaimers attesting to the "unproven nature" of what they do.
The activities of mediums and fortune-tellers are to be subjected to regulation by the Office of Fair Trading.
Fortune-tellers, astrologists and other mediums are among those opposing the new laws, saying they will be forced to tell customers that they are offering "entertainment only" and their work is not "experimentally proven".
He was cross examined at length by Peter Rouch QC who suggested he had been suspicious that his wife, who enjoyed going to fortune-tellers and spiritualists, had another man.
Fortune-tellers of the East interpreted this as a sign that, on that day, the force that would destroy Asia had entered the world.
Furthermore, the term "cunning-folk" has come to be used as a generic term for pre-modern popular magical practitioners, but Davies restricts its usage to full-service popular magicians, thereby excluding the numerous specialists like charmers and fortune-tellers.
Telemistica, 1999, has become well known: A series of Italian TV fortune-tellers predict the artist's success at the Venice Biennale.
Although no one in his entourage will officially confirm the premier's belief in fortune-tellers and other methods of prognostication, the signs apparently point to Hun Sen being little different than many of countrymen and women when it comes to seeking a cosmic edge.