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Korean shamans, also called "mudang," communicate with the spirits to predict someone's future, while a fortune-teller uses physiognomy to tell the future, or prophecies based on the Book of Changes, four pillars or Eastern philosophy.
Rihanna has been to see a psychic and a fortune-teller and asked for a look into her future.
Although there are some male fortune-tellers, most are women, and many say they were first exposed to it by other women in their families.
But the Russian fortune-teller is forgetting that the killer in both roles is Bashar al-Assad, who is a killer in the Authority and a killer in the "opposition.
Clairvoyants, soothsayers, fortune-tellers and astrologers with special powers have turned into a social phenomenon in Bulgaria over the last few years.
It is not only the courts that can frown upon fortune-tellers, but also religious scholars who see the practice as going against Sharia (Islamic) law - which warns against using black magic.
Some analysts believe that unprecedented numbers of Iranians are turning to fortune-tellers for signs of security and hope, during a time of isolation internationally and mounting economic and social pressures domestically.
Now fortune-tellers, sooth-sayers, wise women, clairvoyants, and so on, have been with us throughout recorded history - and before.
Fortune-tellers, astrologists and other mediums are among those opposing the new laws, saying they will be forced to tell customers that they are offering "entertainment only" and their work is not "experimentally proven".
He was cross examined at length by Peter Rouch QC who suggested he had been suspicious that his wife, who enjoyed going to fortune-tellers and spiritualists, had another man.
Fortune-tellers of the East interpreted this as a sign that, on that day, the force that would destroy Asia had entered the world.
Furthermore, the term "cunning-folk" has come to be used as a generic term for pre-modern popular magical practitioners, but Davies restricts its usage to full-service popular magicians, thereby excluding the numerous specialists like charmers and fortune-tellers.
Telemistica, 1999, has become well known: A series of Italian TV fortune-tellers predict the artist's success at the Venice Biennale.
Although no one in his entourage will officially confirm the premier's belief in fortune-tellers and other methods of prognostication, the signs apparently point to Hun Sen being little different than many of countrymen and women when it comes to seeking a cosmic edge.
Legislation governing fortune-tellers differs from state to state, and, within states, from city to city They may be required to obtain licenses, allowed to practice unlicensed, or forbidden to practice at all.