fortune teller

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a person who foretells your personal future

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Brit Niall Rice gave a fortune teller some PS500,000 to make sure a girl he met in the States fell for him
Ask him or her to pick one of the characters on the fortune teller.
I headed down to the fair on Tuesday to get my palm read by one of the many fortune tellers.
There were a few small things the fortune teller got right.
Hong Kong :A Hong Kong fortune teller who once advised Asia's richest woman but was later embroiled in a high-profile legal battle over her fortune has renounced feng shui for Christianity, a report said Thursday.
Taiwanese fortune teller Chan Wei-Chung has predicted what lies ahead for Year of the Snake celebrities, including Psy, Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Drew, 42, told the Sunday Mirror: "My mum goes to Blackpool two or three times a year and always goes to a fortune teller on the pier.
She starred as Aladdin at the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington last year and will be back at the venue this Christmas to take on the role of the fortune teller and narrator in Beauty and the Beast.
If you have a ticket for "The Fortune Teller," consider yourself warned.
A FORMER lover of Andrew Ramsay has revealed a fortune teller warned her he had been murdered - a month before his skull was dredged up by a trawler.
Kichi has lived his life as a pampered but lonely pet, owned by Fortune Teller at the temple of the Mayan city of Chilaan.
Soul star Joss Stone also has a cameo, playing an ethereal fortune teller called Angela.
When he ventures out of the HHB at night, Dave is befriended by Solly, a fortune teller who quickly becomes "Uncle Solly," and Irma, an African American girl who invites Dave to parties in Harlem.
THE thought of taking a trip behind the foreboding curtains of a fortune teller can be quite fearful so try this pint-sized future forecaster.
My mates say I should ignore it as it's just a chain letter, but I saw a fortune teller on holiday in Spain who told me something bad would happen to me connected with technology.