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Synonyms for fortunately



Synonyms for fortunately

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Fortunately they succeeded in reaching a cluster of pines about sunset.
I feel as if it were hardly right, not being in French; but, fortunately, he uses a great many French expressions.
I think,' answered the bean, 'that as we have so fortunately escaped death, we should keep together like good companions, and lest a new mischance should overtake us here, we should go away together, and repair to a foreign country.
The doctor experienced some difficulty in guiding his course; he was afraid of being carried toward the east, but, fortunately, a current bore him directly toward the north, and at six o'clock in the evening the balloon alighted on a small desert island in thirty minutes south latitude, and thirty-two degrees fifty-two minutes east longitude, about twenty miles from the shore.
But, fortunately for her, she felt her eyes growing misty, she saw nothing clearly, her pulse beat a hundred to the minute, and the blood throbbed at her heart.
Fortunately, these books of Valdes's have nearly all been translated, and the reader may test the matter in English; though it necessarily halts somewhat behind the Spanish.
But being arrived in this lonely place, where it was very improbable he should meet with any interruption, he suddenly slipped his garter from his leg, and, laying violent hands on the poor woman, endeavoured to perpetrate that dreadful and detestable fact which we have before commemorated, and which the providential appearance of Jones did so fortunately prevent.
Fortunately no vehicles were parked nearby and there was no damage.
30pm ITV) TO continue the Good News, Bad News game the Underworld crew were all playing before the crash: Fortunately, they all seem to be alive.
Many satisfying discoveries hide in the humor of both text and illustrations in Fortunately, the Milk
Fortunately for you, you returned the dog, fortunately for you there was no evidence of mistreatment, fortunately for you, you have had the good sense to plead guilty or you would be going to prison.
Checking out the scene as she emerges from the Tardis She older fortunately Clara, played by Jenna Louise Coleman, 27, sports a red tartan mini kilt tribute to her new Glaswegian co-star.
Fortunately, the Milk receives fun black and white illustrations by Skottie Young as it tells of a father who buys milk, only to see a huge silver disc hovering in the air.
Fortunately, we managed to get on the board," he said and went on to sportingly praise the Pakistan bowlers.
QUETTA -- Two girls' primary schools and another high school were attacked with bombs and rocket in District Barkhan and Mastung of Balochistan and fortunately no loss of life was reported.