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Synonyms for fortuity

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

Synonyms for fortuity

anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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The negligent contractor might enjoy the fortuity of no water intruding even though the flashing was defectively installed.
Such claims simply do not present the degree of fortuity contemplated by the ordinary definition of "accident" or its common judicial construction in this context.
Such fortuity has made the Dragon the most revered and sought-after sign of the Chinese zodiac.
But Lucky Jim is in fact, as a number of critics have suggested, nothing if not a kind of postwar English fairy tale in which an undistinguished but more or less decent youth gets the girl (Christine, ex-girlfriend of Welch's exasperating son Bertrand) and makes his fortune (a secretarial position with her uncle) through sheer fortuity.
However, as to the first factor--the institutional commitment to keeping the people in K6G separate and apart from GP--the notion of fortuity may be thought by some to be misplaced.
As an initial matter, Goldsmith's deterministic view of the present state of judicial review, and its attendant legitimacy, appears insufficiently appreciative of pure fortuity.
This lack of control or uncertainty is called fortuity.
The Lucky Seven faucet is more than functional, but also symbolizes fortuity.
They contend that, as a result, similarly situated voters will not be treated similarly based purely on the fortuity of where they reside; a ballot that would be counted in one county pursuant to a manual recount may not be counted elsewhere because that voter's county did not conduct such a recount.
In reaching this conclusion, the Court considered two factors: First, the relationship between the Government and members of the Armed Forces is "'distinctively federal in character,'" (citation omitted); it would make little sense to have the Government's liability to members of the Armed Services dependent on the fortuity of where the soldier happened to be stationed at the time of the injury.
Through the fortuity of geography, Chicago is ground zero for the American sex industry.
Sevin was in constant contact with Swallows during the flooding; he isn't so quick to chalk the experience up to fortuity.
Also importantly, the Court rejected the decision of the BCCA that, generally, faulty design or workmanship does not satisfy the fortuity requirement of an insurance policy.