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Synonyms for fortuity

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

Synonyms for fortuity

anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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Even the Schoenberg expert will find rarities, and some timely fortuities such as the outline text, entitled "Death Dance of Principles," to the sixth movement of a large unfinished symphony, which Lydia Goehr addresses in an auspicious article on Schoenberg and Adorno ("Adorno, Schoenberg, and the Totentanz der Principien--in Thirteen Steps," Journal of the American Musicological Society 56 [Fall 2003]: 595-636).
Bandes, Empathy, supra note 13, at 398 ("[W]hen our society is choosing which heinous murderers to kill and which to spare, its gaze ought to be carefully fixed on the harm they have caused and their moral culpability for that harm, not on irrelevant fortuities such as the .
Pointedly, the Court rhetorically asked "what would be gained by opening the federal courthouse doors for a fiduciary malpractice claim, save for possibly random fortuities such as more favorable scheduling, or the ancillary opportunity to seek attorney's fees.
that access to education and other gateways to societal participation should depend not on fortuities like parental wealth, property values or past privilege but on attributes like hard work, basic ability and the insights that one can contribute to the classroom and the broader society;
Faced with fortuities, courts either have allowed luck to have relevance, as in the case of attempts, or have twisted legal doctrines to undermine the role of chance.
Even when creativity is imaged as masculine appropriation, as in this extract from the "Parleying with Charles Avision," that control may be absorbed or blurred by an effect that shifts concentration from creator to creation and to the fortuities of pathos in the looks of the women represented:
Whatever the significance of fortuities in historical development for explaining contemporary differences between England and Germany, the presence of these differences makes plain that U.
Closing the loop, coming to terms with the fortuities of his life isn't something Freeman seems to have managed quite so neatly in his personal relationships.